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Hey guys, I've been thinking about Desmond/The Constant a lot and how that might imply how the two timelines converge. I really like the idea of all of Lost being one big loop.

So here's my theory, it's a combination of a few theories posted. I am first assuming this:

1 - That the two timelines will converge
2 - According to Andrew's theory on the ATL Timeline, we have seen the ATL before season 6. For example, when Faraday comes to the island on Whidmore's ship and his memory problems are fixed, this is because the timeline was actually changed. The island somehow allows for a shortcut in time through a timeloop, which corrects major problems, like memory loss.
3 - Our characters in the ATL will experience similar fates to what they saw on-island. The same kind of events will happen i.e. Kate being involved in the birth of Aaron, Jack loosing his father, and Locke being healed. This time, perhaps by Jack himself.

We also know that we have already seen the last scene of Lost. I really like the idea that the absolute final scene will be Jack's eye opening, right after the initial 815 crash. If this proves to be true, what if all of the survivors (or maybe just those touched by Jacob) actually died on the plane and the survivors we see (especially John, Jack, Kate, Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Sayid, and Hurley) are actually from the ATL!

They wake up on the island, just like Desmond woke up in the past, only this time, they physically go back to the time of the crash. This would explain why Locke is healed! He was healed in the ATL by Jack! This might also be why everything else takes place as it does...because it had already happened in the ATL, and it's all a loop.

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