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I was just thinking about how the Man in Black/Jacob's enemy seems to take nearly every opportunity to inhabit the bodies of various dead islanders. And when he and Jacob talk on the beach, the Man in Black states that he will find a loophole in order to kill him. Obviously, he couldn't kill Jacob then, and he also couldn't kill him as Locke; he needed Ben.

The Man in Black, as we have come to know him, might just be another body that the monster took the form of. He faced the exact same problem then as he would in Locke's body, because of some unspecified island rules.

Perhaps the reason he would not have been able to kill Jacob as the Man in Black is that there weren't people on the island other than them; or perhaps it's because all the Others of the time followed Jacob and had enough ash to protect themselves from the monster; meaning he couldn't enlist anyone to kill Jacob.

When the Black Rock arrived, it is clear that the monster failed in recruiting someone aboard it to kill him. Hence he would be forced to inhabit bodies for a very long time, hoping he could find someone to convince into killing Jacob, until he figured out a plan.

Judging by the fact that this conflict goes very far back, it's certainly possible that the Man In Black was not the monster's original form, because if it stretches several centuries back (and it seems to), then this mortal body couldn't have possibly lived that long. Yes, Richard has lived a long time, but only because he follows Jacob. Because of this, it seems unlikely that this was his original form. He probably assumed far more forms before that date in order to thrive on the island.

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