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As we all know, Christian has appeared multiple times on the island despite the fact that he died in Sydney. Also as we all know, these appearances are different from Locke's after-death appearances in that Christian's body is not in his coffin. As most of us probably know, he has appeared in two different outfits: the suit and white tennis shoes he was buried in and a grey dress shirt. I believe that these two outfits signify that two different people are using his image: The Man in Black and the child who seems to be antagonistic to him.

First, let's consider the timelines of the two outfits. The suit is the first outfit we see Christian wear, and it was the only outfit he'd worn yet when we discovered that his body was missing. In fact, Christian wore the suit every time he made an appearance until the season 4 episode "Something Nice Back Home". So in the suit, he helped Jack find the caves, appeared to Hurley in "Jacob's" cabin, and appeared off-island to Jack. In the dress shirt, he took Claire, told Locke to move the island, told Michael he could "go now," encouraged Locke to turn the frozen donkey wheel, and told Sun and Frank to wait for "Locke". All of these instances considered, I've come to the conclusion that the first Christian (suit and tennis shoes) is the same entity as the child, and the second (dress shirt) is the Man in Black.

First, suit Christian. This version of Christian always seems to be guiding the Losties to their perceived destiny. He helped Jack find the caves, which helped to establish his leadership role. His later off-island appearance was also most likely a factor in convincing Jack to go back to the island. I'm not sure what to make of his appearance to Hurley; I don't believe I can fully understand that until I know who the other unidentified man in the cabin was.

This is where, presumably, the first entity discards Christian's body. Now that the body is once again fully dead, MIB gets the chance to use Christian's image for his own means. We know that Claire has been "claimed"; I think this has to do with the Man in Black (we've always been led to believe that the sickness was connected to the Monster). This presumably happened to her during the time they inhabited the cabin together. His many interactions with Locke, however, are the main points that give credence to this argument. In the cabin, he tells Locke to move the island. But Locke doesn't move the island, Ben does. So MIB has to once again tell Locke that HE has to do it, and elaborates by saying that he (Locke) has to die. By now, we know that this fits perfectly with MIB's long con of Locke. And what's more, when he meets Sun and Frank, he tells them to wait for Locke - just as he told Ben to follow Locke while posing as Alex. Again, not sure what to make of the appearanc! e to Michael - my only thought on this is that it could possibly play into MIB's ultimate goal to "go home" (or Richard's interpretation of his ultimate goal, to kill everyone on the island).

But if all this is true, who exactly could the child be? I don't think he's Jacob or Aaron, as many people have theorized. I think he's a completely different character from anyone we know - that being said, he's not a new character that will overcomplicate the mythology in this final season. He's more of an answer to one of the oldest mysteries: what is Christian? He is also an answer to a mystery introduced in season 4: the rules. He is a mediator in the conflict between Jacob and MIB. He created the rules to keep a balance within the island, and now he's after MIB for breaking the rules. As much as MIB swore he'd found a loophole, in the end he hadn't - Ben may have stabbed Jacob, but MIB ultimately killed him by kicking him into the fire. So now this third entity is threatening MIB, and for once, MIB seems scared of someone.

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