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I have not entirely sorted out all my ideas yet and I am writing this directly after watching "The Substitute", but I feel like this is an important idea/theory to throw out there for people to discuss.

I believe that the Alt. Universe or Flash-Sideways that we have been seeing is not directly tied to Juliet detonating the bomb.

It has been bothering me since the beginning of Season 6; what is the importance of these Flash-Sideways and why would the bomb explosion cause two different scenarios? (Note: I completely understand the whole boulder-in-a-stream scenario and I am not completely rejecting that idea. I just want to toss out another possibility)

Here are some of the reasons that I think the bomb is irrelevant to the Flash-Sideways
1) Exploding a Hydrogen Bomb would not cause the island to submerge completely underwater while keeping Dharmaville intact
2)Ben Linus would not be off the island as a History Teacher
3)Darlton have told the fans to be patient on the Flash-Sideways because they will pay off big near the end of the season. Revealing that the Flash-Sideways are something else like "a universe where Jacob never interfered" or any other idea like that would be a huge twist
4)If you imagine watching "LA X" without the Flash-Sideways scenes, it would narratively make perfect sense meaning that Darlton could be pulling a fast-one on everyone by inferring that it was a direct result of the bomb.

I know that this theory isn't perfect and it does not really address issues like Juliet's "It worked" comment, but I just wanted to get my ideas out there so someone can hopefully synthesize their ideas and mine into a complete theory. Thanks for reading and please comment below.

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