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Not having time today to read all of the new theories published after The Substitue, I can't be sure if I was the only person who spend time during the episode – and after it for that matter – being convinced that Smokey is actually the good guy. I've read people mention it before, but there was no evidence for it before last night. For me, anyway.
He seemed genuinely worried when Sawyer looked like he was going to fall off the ladder; he told Richard that he was willing to answer everything; he took Sawyer to that cave and showed him the numbers; he said that he used to be just like Sawyer; he seemed to really want to go home. After all this I was left ready and willing to sign up to his team myself... but isn't that how the devil is? Completely charming and convincing? The 'what boy?' response when Sawyer questioned about the kid was a bit of evidence to me that he really isn't that willing to give answers as he claims to be. And numbers...

Did we just wait 5 seasons to find out that the numbers only significance is that 'Jacob had a thing for numbers'? I don't believe it. If it's true, I will be really disappointed. Numbers randomly assigned. I don't buy it. Then, he wants to go home.

Hmmm. I don't buy that either. I don't think he has a home to go to other than the underworld. I think that Flocke – supported by the conversation with Jacob at the start of season 5 finale – hates humans. He was a prisoner on the island, yes, but for all the right reasons. Because if he escaped to the rest of the world, he could set about destroying humanity. This is the end of the world scenario so many of us are predicting. It is not the island that needs protecting, it is the rest of the world. Jacob's job was to make sure it stays protected. He needs a team because he knows he's gonna have to fight his way off the island. Maybe he can only leave when all of Jacob's followers are dead.

Just a thought about the blonde kid that Flocke was chasing through the jungle. After he seemed to tell Flocke off, reminding him about the rules, I thought that it might be kind of cool if the ruler of the island was neither Smokey nor Jacob, but rather some blonde kid. With all of the speculation that Aaron might grow up to be Jacob, I gathered that perhaps that blonde kid is Aaron. How that will fit into it all I can't even guess. Maybe at the end of the coming war Aaron will be the last one left, thrown back in time to the start of the islands existence. The rules, I would guess, are that you can't forcefully change anything in time (seeing as it has already happenned) as this will cause another timeline to begin from that point, making things more complicated. Could the flash sideways be a result of Alex's murder rather than Jughead going off? This is the only time I can remember anybody mention the rules being changed or broken. The island could be underwater for any ! number of reasons, but as many people have pointed out, a hydrogen bomb exploding isn't going to sink an island whilst at the same time leaving a load of prefab houses and some swings still standing.

Anyway, that's it. I'm not going to say sorry for the weakness of my theory, nor claim it to be true. It was just what I've been thinking about today and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

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