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The substitute was outstanding episode. The episode left me torn between MIB and Jacob. Many questions arose like: Who was bad and who was good? Is the island just an island? Is everyone that we met are just pawns in a game?

Well this episodes questions made me think of Disney’s movie Aladdin. Yes MIB made me think that possibly he could have been a genie which can explain the turning into smoke and his cries to be set free, can all hint to the characteristics that depict and genie. Unlikely, but it could be probable. But let’s take a short magic carpet ride through this possible theory.

In the movie Aladdin a village boy named Aladdin goes to a mystical pyramid in the shape of an panther that seems to be unseen by the rest of the world since it comes out of the ground and goes back to (sand) the ground after a few minutes that it arises. Inside houses treasures as far as the eyes can see and within those treasures houses the Magic Lamp in which the genie has been kept for hundreds maybe thousands of years.

Comparing this Part to Lost

Perhaps the island could be the “mystical pyramid” that has treasures as far as the eyes can see. The Island however does not hold literal treasures but humanistic treasures. the Island holds the power to heal cancer, Allow the lame to walk again, gives redemption to the ones seeking it , It lets mourning ones see their deceased relatives, allows the revenge seeking to take out their revenge, allows imaginary friend to materialize, and gives the escaped convict absolute escape and freedom. This sounds like a magic box the one Ben used to talk about right well let’s compare some more a get on with the theory.

So, how could MiB be a genie? Well in Disney’s Aladdin. Aladdin was given 3 wishes and with those wishes were rules (No bringing back the dead, (episode Dead is Dead), Cannot Wish someone to fall in love with the, and cannot wish to kill someone). Aladdin stayed within the rules a first wished to become a prince that way he could marry princess Jasmine, his second wish was used when the kings advisor Jafar tried to kill him by throwing him at the bottom of the ocean so that was used to get him of the ocean, and Aladdin promised the genie that he would used the last wish to set the genie free but before that could happen Jafar steals the Lamp. Jafar makes his first and second wish but with his 3rd wish Jafar wishes himself to be an all powerful genie and is cast into a lamp of his own and is throw to the mystical pyramid”. What if that mystical pyramid is the island?

I think MIB represents Jafar. Jafar was once a human and then turns into a genie(smoke moster) willingly by free will. The cabin could have very well been MIB’s magic lamp layer and instead of rubbing the lamp you have to kick a little ash. This can account for both the “I’M Not A What ,I’M a Who” and “I want to be free” statements.

But how does Jacob and the candidates and Richards statement” Everyone has to answer to someone statement. Well I have to scenarios for this. I have to say scenario one is more idealistic than 2 but I think they’re both interesting scenarios.
Scenario #1
MIB like Jafar wished himself into a genie. Well who’s the genie that granted him that wish? Jacob!, Yes Jacob. MIB once ruled Jacob the genie and Jacob granted him many wishes. But MIB was a fierce and mean individual who wanted power and who eventually wished himself into becoming an all powerful genie when MIB made that wish Jacob claimed MIB and became his magic lamp holder and instead of selfishly keeping all the wishes for himself ,Jacob brought people to the island to grant them wishes and not only just to grant people wishes and allow them to live in harmony , be he also had another reason for bring the people to the island and that reason is to become the next person to be the holder of the magic lamp , so Jacob searched long and hard and because he used to be a genie he held the power to still turn into the pillar of smoke and judge people , so throughout the years Jacob search the hearts and minds of people he brought their in search of a person with a ! pure and selfless heart to be the holder of the lamp and use the power for good not evil. These people are called the candidates .Jacob looked for a new lamp holder since hes been free from being a genie beacuse he knows about “little tiny living space” ( how lonely and miserable it is to be a genie/slave)and that in time MiB would be sick of being a genie and find a loop hole like he reminded Jacob in the incident((((at one time MIB could roam the island because Jacob knew how it was to be stuck in a lamp/cabin but Jacob for some reason at one point had to but MIB in the cabin)))))and because of this he knows that his time is short before MIB could find the loophole and be set free but the problem is that even after being set free MIB will have his genie powers which he could use to destroy the world .Jacob would not mind being the holder of the lamp for eternality because since naturally Jacob is a genie he is very patient,but Being the rule that “you can no! t kill the lamp holder, only an outside force can kill the lam! p holder ala Ben”. Since Jacob knows how evil MiB is( because he knows what wishes mib wanted grantedand they were once friends) he tries to find a candidate that would be the holder and protector of the lamp. And that would be just,and not be greedy with MiB’s genie power and use it for good not evil.

However MiB found the loophole before Jacob could fill the candidacy and has the power of freewill that he has not had in a long time . Since he wished himself into being the genie he was able to maintain the genie powers because no one wished to become a genie before he looped holed his way out , Something that Jacob and the others did not want since he can harness his own powers to whatever he wants to do could prove to be very bad for the island world and the off-islandworld. . Now the only thing that is possibly holding MiB on the Island is another rule. He has to get someone using their own free will to take him of the island with him that is a “candidate” this could be Sawyer he’s trying to get sawyer to leave with him and in other to do that he has to get sawyer to trust him ala saved his life from falling off the ladder and almost gave sawyer the same hateful stirring speech he gave Ben.

But Jacob could be one step ahead yes, by instituting the Dharma Initiative putting the best physicists, mathematicians, and scientist teams together to manipulate time in space by using and manipulating the power that allows the island to exist another reality in which they could defeat the all power full free genie MIB which is the Alt timeline that has slight differences .And he kept the others on the island to guide the candidates on their island quest. And this is where I believe that Kate may be the semi leader Candidate guide that keeps them on the path to creating the time line in which they showed in the first episode that is free from MIB. Kate? Why her? She safeguarded the Littleton boy, Sheppard, Locke going down the hatch first ,took care of sawyer and my reason mostly was the breakfast on the beach with Ben someone really enjoyed their strawberries with Ben. This is also a reason Kate a main character who you expect name to be in the cave was not or it was ta! ken off when Kate stole her airplane back from the bank which show she didn’t benefit from the little push from Jacob .

Yes this is farfetched ,especially the kate part but not too far, because this could answer the “I’m not a what im a who.” , this could also explain the rules, and this could explain the candidacy , this could explain the island ,why there is a smoke monster .
More to come with scenario 2.

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