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In the scene with Locke's broken chairlift was a MAJOR MAJOR clue regarding MIB and Smokey.

First off I'll state why I even noticed it: The broken chairlift made the sounds of Smokey.

On the Island, we see fLocke getting around as Smokey, so much so we catch a glimpse of Smokey in the window outside Sawyer's cabin.

But let me ask you this: In the ALT-time, is John Locke a wheelchair? Are they one in the same? After all...we see him moving around in a chair with four wheels... Oh he can get out of the chair, but he's not as mobile. The answer of course, is that (the real) Locke uses the wheelchair as a means to get around. It's a device he uses but is not him. He wants out of the chair though, for good, wishing to be healed to move around again. And Locke isn't the only person to ever use a wheelchair. Many people have and do.

On Island:

We see fLocke reaping the benefits of Smokey, such as a means of defense, murder, and of course travel, so of course everyone thinks that they are one in the same. Ben asks what he is, he states that he is a "Who", and we learned last night he had a life off the island and possibly even had a love that he lost.

1) Smokey is almost always accompanied by "Whispers", a chorus of other souls that seem to have control over it as well. In the pilot episode, we hear voices chattering, until one says that the pilot has to die. Shortly after, the pilot does in fact die. But not all of the voices were suggesting that.

2) We never see the change between the two. We see fLocke jump out of the way of bullets then Smokey appears from the opposite direction.

The chairlift made noises like Smokey for a reason last night. We kept jumping between two Lockes, both using a mode of transportation.

x)Good Locke is stuck in a crippled body that cannot walk.
y)Bad Locke (according to Ilna) is stuck in a body and can't look like anyone else. We saw Smokey getting him around the island, but we know he can't change anymore, still, the two were seen together

x)Good Locke was unable to leave (due to the HumVee) and needed a Lostie to move so he could leave.
y)Bad Locke is unable to leave the island and needed a Lostie so he can leave.
(another way to look at this is that Locke could possibly walk again thanks to Jack, indicating the survivors could either block or free Bad Locke)

There were seemingly random cuts back and forth between the same body in different times last night, but the noise of the lift caused me to believe that they were tied together much, much stronger than we though.

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