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Okay, this theory contains parts of previously stated bits and pieces. My inspiration for the theory comes from Richard Alpert's line, "I saw them all die." Thus, I figure, with a ready-to-explode brain, the only way this is possible: Juliet detonates the bomb. It negates the negative dark energy that Radzinsky unleashed, and enables Dharma to cap it, build the Swan hatch, and the 108-minute-button-pushing begins. The rest of this story we have seen before. At the moment of the detonation, our 9 losties are time-flash-corrected to 2007 (thus closing the loop for them?) It's All ONE timeline, the one we've always known....... How else could Richard have "seen them all die" and still be alive to tell the tale? If the blast sunk the island, Richard would've sunk with it. More likely, he witnessed their disappearance and assumed they were obliterated. As for the non-crashing 815 storyline, I believe this--regardle! ss of what the writers say now--will be caused by an event we have yet to see. We have YET TO SEE what has placed the island at the floor of the ocean. This is what our on-island season 6 storyline will lead us to. The off-island storyline would actually make for a nice Season 7--what happens when the true reset occurs-- how these characters resolve their dilemmas and achieve/not achieve redemption-- in a world where 815 never crashed. Of course, in order for this to be possible, the true reset must seemingly involve a dharma-era do-over of some sort. And this is where my brain locks up for now. Does this make any sense?

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