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MIB is not the smoke monster by DoctorDiSano

My apologies if this theory was already thought up by someone, but here is what I got from the first episode.
First of all, are we really to belive the producers would give us the answer to such and intricate question in the first episode of the season, absolutly not. They will however throw certain things are way to make us think they would. Such as, Flocke dissapearing and smokey appearing and killing everyone, and also by Flocke saying to Ben "I'm sorry you had to see that side of me"...this would lead us to belive Flocke/MIB is smokey. I however have so points to show this is untrue. First of all, notice how everyone in the temple quickly began to form the ash circles and were scurrying when they found out Jacob had died....but hasnt smokey lived inside the temple walls? This is where Ben went to be judged. Why all of a sudden are they afraid? They arent afraid of smokey...notice how the man said "we are tryint to keep HIM out" not IT! Also, everytime Flocke dissapears, Smokey manifests from the opposite direction...and if you can take a bulley, why turn into smokey to ki! ll everyone. My theory is that the MIB is afraid of smokey, which is why he goes the other way when smokey arrives! And this is the reason Flocke apologizes for Ben "seeing that side of him"...its not that he was apologizing for Ben seeing him as smokey, Ben has seen smokey tons of times, why apologize now...he was actually apologize for his cowardness. Up until now, he has been the leader, man of confidence, and the man with the nads to kill Jacob...he didnt want Ben to see him actually be afraid and run from something! Let me know what you guys think!

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