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Thoughts following LAX by ToRo

OK, that was cool. Lots of stuff, can’t wait to see what others think in the recaps/analysis. Here are my initial thoughts…

1)Alt timeline (sideways flashes) is either a) the end of the story, but they are showing it to us with what happens leading up to it or b) a parallel timeline where the characters end up having to do something/ be somewhere for the final resolution where they and the main timeline characters merge into one timeline. Leaning more towards b.

2)Sayid is now Jacob, as Locke is Man in Black

3)Man in Black says he wants to go home, thinking home is the Temple

4)The Chinese leader of others = Magnus Hanso, the captain of the Black Rock and Richard was a slave on Black Rock

5)Dead Juliet = Alt timeline Juliet, remember in the season finale last season she suddenly changed her mind about detonating Jughead? Maybee she slipped in to the other Juliets place and helped with the whole ‘incident’ happening, because being from the alt timeline, she knew it would work out? (ok, that one may be reaching)

6)Possibly, Jughead DID NOT detonate, the flash was something else that pushed them forward thru time. Then, jughead is still in the hole under the Swan, and the concrete that was there always was containing the leaky Hbomb. That way, no one else on the island died when the bomb went off, the Dharma initiative went ahead and did everything they did, like building hatches and the barracks etc.

Funny how Rose was reading ‘Outdoor Living’ magazine on the plane!

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