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I think more or less everything is right before our eyes.

It's a time loop, and evrything must course correct, we can all agree on that.

The trick is WHEN and WHERE the loop loops, if I may say so.

I think it is right after the crash in Season one épisode 1.

Yes the trick is that the six that take off from Sydney in Season 1 are not the ones that crashed on the Island in the same episode. That explain a LOT of the mysteries.

Let's examine this for a sec, Juliet just said it: it worked. They changed the succession of event and therefore: the past. Doing that they created an alternate existence for all the characters that survived the nuke in the the seventies. So yes, Jack, Sayid, Hurley and the others are now both living a "normal life" where, among other things, Jack will give his legs back to Locke. In the mean time, they also live on an island that simply doesn't exist and that alone can explain the nature of the island. It is this "walking" Locke that will wake on this island, with no memories about how his legs came back rig@ht after the crash. For the same reasons, some nice lady won't recal she was cured of her cancer. because all these people have to come back to play their part so the the universe doesn't colapse out of a major breach in the space time continuum.

That is why Sayid MUST live, because he has to come back among the survivors at some point.

The island in the water is simply a destroyed island that ended there when the H Bomb explode at Dharma time.

All season six will be about the huge coarse correction that will take place as the island is now truly LOST in time for the ones that are now in the temple.

The only mysteries this theory doesn't explain is the very nature of Jacob and the MIB, the role of the followers, and the mystic part of the show.

But at least the "scientific quantum physics part" is looking just nice.

Btw, Desmond is only there so that you realise that Widmore, as well as most of the 70's dudes died when the nuke blew. Therefore, he didn't have to go to the island, never met Jack and probably live happily with Penny. I'm pretty sure it was the last time we saw him on the show.

I have tons of interesting implication going along with this theory, but I think you can guess them by yourself.



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