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As we look back on the pivotal moments of Lost, there is one constant that continues to aid our friends – the VAN! And it helped again last night as I expected.
Think about this….where have we seen the Van..
- Helped kill Ben’s Dad to protect more people from being shot/abused
- Gave Hurley confidence by letting him ‘seemingly’ fix it and hope by starting again after many years.
- Showed up at a crucial point to kill the others at the beach site right before they were going to shoot Bernard
- End of season 5 – saving Jack and Sayid from the others in addition to popping in at the right moment to help Jack in the shootout.

It comes in at these moments because these events need to happen and the Van knows it.

Now we see in 6.01 the Van playing a very pivotal role and being again magical. We saw the Van transporting Sayid in the Incident with everyone in the back. The back was empty, Sayid was lying down. Now in 6.01, the Van comes through providing 50 ft of large chain (Normally this would take up half the vehicle) It wasn’t there before, but the Van knew seeing Juliet was a pivotal moment, so it provided the chain at the EXACT moment it was needed.

Notice how they all said ‘the van has a chain’, basically saying it as a prayer like ‘please let the chain be there for us oh Magic Van’. Next they needed shovels – poof. Then a stretcher – poof. Miles even asked the magic van to produce beer! Miles must know what the Van is capable of.

My theory is that there is even more to the Van than what we have seen and that it will play a large role in the upcoming war and save the day. Proof of this is that for the first time, the Van traveled through time with them. It’s ready for battle!

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