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Flash sideways and the Island by BenRuegg

Hello folks. This being my first theory I have posted lets give this a try.

My main theory here is based on the Flash sideways being what is actually going to happen once the story on the island finishes. It is not actually a flash forward or a flash back. I will explain this via Jack, John and Kate.

The first focus is on the endings of the flash sideways. At the end of Jacks flash sideways we see Jack very happy and gets stuff sorted with his Son. When we think about the last few stories we have seen, such as John and Kate, both of their sideways flashes end up much happier. Now think back to the flash forwards and everyone was in so much crap. Things were not working out for our Losties.

Second focus is what is happening on the Island now. We know there are canidates, to what is still a mystery right now. But what ever happens here on the island is going to cause them to go into this reset and become who we see in the flash side ways. As to what this is, what game they are playing and who is good and evil is still un clear. But what seems quite obvious now is that jacob must have a feeling he can fix the world.

I believe that at the end of this series, we will carry on with the lives of our losties and they wont know that they were part of this massive battle between good and evil.

Im looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Jack has this scar which is obviously from when Juliette performed surgery on Jack to remove his appendix.

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