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There are two statues by Another Other

Season 6 has presented us with two realities existing side by side. These realities, or the consciousnesses of the characters in these realities will interact, merge, or have some effect on each other. Being as only "LA X" has aired at the time of my writing this, I am unable to speculate as to how these realities will influence each other, but suffice it to say, they will in some way.

Or maybe they already have. In looking for things to differentiate between the realities, I may have stumbled upon something from previous seasons....


The statue on the island that we've only gotten glimpses of is believed to be that of Egyptian goddess Taweret. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taweret)(http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/taweret.htm)Feel free to look through those links to see what kind of LOST connections you can make. Believe me, there are Plenty. But that's another theory all together.

We first see evidence of the statue in "Live Together, Die Alone," when Sayid, Jin, and Sun see the Left Foot of the statue while sailing (http://www.michaeljohngrist.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/LOST%20ruins/ruins-of-lost15.jpg)

We also have seen the Left Foot more recently, albeit submerged underwater in "LA X" (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/lostpedia/images/8/83/6x01_Submerged.png)

Now, in season 5 we see a statue foot in "The Incident" (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/lostpedia/images/a/a1/5x16_Statue_ruins.png). I cannot be sure this is a Left Foot, especially since the 4 toes make the foot look more cartoonish and less anatomically correct. I will not wager my life that this is actually a Right Foot, but it's something to keep your eye on.

Now, onto the good stuff.



Here we have the only two full views of the statue that we have been given thus far. Let's look at them. The perspective is such that we have to use our imaginations, as the first is from some distance away and from directly behind it, and the second is much closer from the back right side. Questions of perspective and human error when it comes to CGI aside, there are differences in these statues.

The first is that one image depicts the statue with legs spread rather broadly, about shoulder length apart. Also on this "from the back" image, look at the shadows on the backs of the thighs, and it appears that the Right Foot steps forward.

Now look at the other statue, up close, from the back right as scene in "The Incident." Note the differences: The feet seem much closer together, and if you had to say one of the feet was stepping forward at all, it would appear to be the Left Foot. It doesn't seem to step forward as much as the Right Foot in the previous image, but the feet seem either equal, or the Left Foot is slightly more forward than the Right Foot.

As I try not to make myself see things that just aren't there, I will admit that everything I've said so far could be small mistakes, or coincidence, or the product of my imagination.


Look at how the cloth wrapped around her waist drapes. Seen from the back, it drapes from top right to bottom left. Seen from up close to the side, it drapes from top left to bottom right.

This, I think, is much too glaring to be a mistake.

Possible implications:

There are (at least) two statues, because there are (at least) two versions of reality happening on the island. Perhaps we are talking mirror universes, as evidenced by the blatant Left/Right discrepancy.

I don't know what any of this means, but I thought I'd share.

(apologies to www.michaeljohngrist.com, which had a bigger version of that picture than lostpedia)

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