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Hugo and His New Luck by Borromeo

So, in the opening episode, while on ALT Flight 815, Hugo discloses the belief that he is the luckiest man in the world. This I have some thoughts on. What did Hugo always accredit his bad luck to? The numbers. His conviction regarding this was quite high, and maybe "right," in that the numbers do seem to be the thing that brought 815 down in the first place (albeit in an indirect way, with Desmond not typing them in that one fateful day). I think that in the ALT, one must assume that Hugo won the lottery with different numbers. But, this is where it gets tricky. The numbers originally came from the island, but in the ALT, that island is under water. This might give us a further since of when exactly that submersion took place. We know its post-Dharma. We saw their houses. And we know it's post-destruction-of-the statue. If Hugo played numbers that were still from the same source, the island, then we know that th! e submersion took place after Hugo's Australian friend of a friend heard those numbers while monitoring radio waves. Whenever that was. But this is not my point and I'm rambling, so I'll conclude with a final thought. If Hugo is lucky, is it because the numbers have changed? Does flight 815 land because the numbers changed? Did Shannon decide not to ride back with Boone because of these new numbers? Are Jin and Sun (perhaps) not married, did Charlie almost die, did Cindy give Jack just one bottle of vodka, did the island sink all because of these new numbers? If you change the numbers, do you change your destiny?

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