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Boulders and Pebbles by BlocM83

Description from the YouTube link:

This is a deleted scene from Season 5, The Variable where Faraday explains to Jack his plan on fixing everything with the bomb.

What he doesn't explain is why in Season 6, we are watching one 'timeline' where the bomb is set off but they are still on the island and why there is now a 'timeline' where Flight 815 never crashed.

Following his stream analogy, the boulder was the bomb Juliet detonated at the end of Season 5. Like Faraday said, this was a big enough event to change time. However like he says 'whatever happened, happened', so this event causes time to split into two different streams at this point in time.

One stream is the 'whatever happened, happened' theory which ends up with Flight 815 crashing on the island after Desmond fails to press the button in time.

The new stream is what we are seeing in Season 6 where the bomb detonated, but The Swan was never built, the island ended up under water and Flight 815 landed safely in LA X.

Now, his analogy doesn't mention that if you throw a boulder into the stream of time it doesn't block the whole stream. It pushes two streams around it where they end up merging.

I believe that as Season 6 goes on we will start to see the timelines merge (prediction, Jack fixes Locke in the new stream like how the Island fixed Locke in the other) and it will explain weird things like why Jack had a cut on his neck on the plane.

As events transpire on the island (which is 3 years ahead of the other stream) I think we will see one more final event that will solidfy the new timeline. However it is way too soon to even guess what that will involve.

Diagram for this 'timeline':

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