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Theorem of Pythagoras by ajballa21

So I can't completely rule it out but it's starting to look like Sayid is not Jacob. But the circumstances surrounding his rising from the dead are still pretty interesting. We find out in this episode that the Oriental leader of the Others is named Dogen. We saw Dogen take Sayid into the other room and torture him but claimed that he was doing a diagnosis. After completing his tests, Dogen tells Jack that Sayid is "infected" and "a darkness is growing within him." Hmmm, sounds a bit familiar doesn't it?

Remember back to season one when we first met Danielle Rousseau. She continued to claim that when she crashed on the island, her team had come down with "the sickness" before she had to kill them. An interesting thing to note from her account is that she believed that the Others had given this infection to her team. We now see Dogen, who we assume leads the Others, trying to extinguish the sickness within Sayid. ! Later on in the episode we hear Mr. Dogen tell Jack that eventually when the darkness reaches Sayid's heart he will have completed the transformation similar to what happened to Jack's "sister". At this point, Jack does not know that he even has a sister, but we the viewer know that his sister is Claire Littleton.

So now it is time to brush up on your trigonometry, think
triangular theories and try your best to follow my train
of thought here. We are told that Sayid is infected -> Dogen confirms that Claire is infected -> Claire was last seen with Christian Shephard in Jacob's cabin in season four, so we can assume that Claire an Christian are on the same side -> in previous episodes we have seen Christian Shephard helping Sun and Lapidus where he tells them to "wait for John Locke" to come and lead them -> We nowknow that John Locke = smokey. So whether or not Smokey is good or bad is still up in the air, but I would find it safe to assume that Flocke, Christian, and Claire are on the same "side" of this impending battle and they have in some respect, "recruited" Sayid to join them. So the pieces are starting to be in place and the beginning of this battle can not be far off in the future!

Claire is the wild-card here as she took the entire 5th season off and was MIA. She is now back and seems to be a new Rousseau, living in the jungle and setting traps and such. She also shot some of the Others furthering the idea that she is on Smokey's side of this war. I wonder where she has been living for the past 3 years and who she may be associating herself with out in the jungle? Either way it is clear that this episode was a plot developing episode and hopefully it is setting up for an epic episode on the horizon!

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