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One thing I have been picking up on and it started growing as I was talking to fellow lost fans...

Death Circumstances

Sayid shoots young Ben in the stomach and he must be saved at the temple.

Sayid is shot in the stomach by Roger Linus (Ben's Dad) and must be healed at the temple.

Bens comes back to life or is healed but is "never going to be the same and his innocence will be lost". Wonder what the water looked like when Ben was brought there.

Sayid comes back to life and is "infected".

Someone else mentioned a similiarity between the Charlie and Claire resurrection(s) as closely related and I agree with those as well.

Charlotte dies. Last words were what she said to Daniel when she was talking to him 30 years ago.

Juliet dies (redux). Last words were possibly something she had also said to Sawyer when she last saw him, also in another time.

Similiar Circumstances

French woman looses baby and must survive in jungle all alone after loosing the one man she loved.

Claire looses baby and must survive in jungle all alone after loosing the man she loved.

One last tidbit, has anyone made note that Richard from the 70's looks an awful lot like Lennon. Perhaps there is a promotion scale and when we saw Richard then, he was still a temple other and knew how long it would take him to become a fully bad ass roam the jungle calling the shots of the "leader(s)" Richard we all know and love.

Not sure this qualifies as a theory, just more of things to think about and hopefully form some awesome theories...

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