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The Temple is or has a spaceship in it by swade

Hi after hearing unlocke say he wants to go home and the temple being closed for expected visit i now go back to one of the first theories i ever read in which aliens were involved

jacob is obviously stopping mib from returning whereever and thus now he needs to find the ship because jacob cant stop him from leaving ie the temple

also the mention of richard in chains which tells u he was a slave on the blackrock who did something in return for his powers so did he help imprison mib? or did he betray his shipmates causing the blackrock to go inland??????????????

also CHECK THE MEN IN BLACK REFERENCE RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES I MEAN what is it them films are about again?????

worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i think the final scene of lost will be the temple leaving for home woth a few losties on board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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