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3 Quickies by BudE

Here are 3 quick theories:

“Big ‘ol jet airliner, don’t carry me too far away.”

Alt. Alt. Alt. Dead Juliet says it worked. Sorry…but I think it’s a red herring. Don’t let TPTB fool you again. Jack and Hurley are doing ok, but everyone else seems pretty screwed. Locke’s in a chair and is reduced to lying about his walkabout. Rose (may) still be dying. Boone is still smitten with his sis. Charlie’s still a druggie. Kate’s still on the lamb. Anyone who was on the island sank or swam? Nahh… Like Jack said, “Nothing is irreversible.” Yeah, like this alt timeline.

“My brotha from another motha.”

Des? On the plane? Total WTF moment! Why was Des on the plane? Wait a second…Des is special. What if …. Des is Jack’s constant. Think about it for a moment. Jack is on the plane…hits the lav…sees the red spot (early sign of something wrong?)…comes back and Des just happens to be sitting there. Come on? Really? Not only is Des not floating around below a flooded hatch, but he’s sitting is Jack’s row? Nah…Des was there for a reason. If anything goes wrong, Des will be my constant. Maybe, Des is everyone’s constant.

“Shoot first, ask questions later.”

Is it me, or do all of Jacob’s flunkies seem trigger happy? Richard and Ben wipe out the Dharma dudes. The Others basically kill everyone who gets in their way. Now we have Indiana Jones and the Temple of Long Duck Dong and John Lennon who immediately provide a kill order on Hurley and Co without batting an eye (and without telling the kids to avert their eyes). I have always theorized that Jacob is not the good guy (not that MIB is either...he just wants out of the game). That Jacob's latest cronies are more than willing to kill so mercilessly is just another reason I think I’m right.

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