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First of all, the spring we saw at the Temple is what got me going on this. This might not be that well thought out because it's only been an hour since I watched the premiere. Anyway..

Obviously the spring has some kind of healing power, because we saw samurai man dipping his self inflicted wound in it and checking to see the result. And nothing happened.Plus it wasn't "clear" any more. We assume it's because of Jacob's death.

Now, I would go as far as to say that the water everyone has been drinking since season 2 (in season 1 they were relying mostly on rain)is from the same source. Thus people healed quicker.

So if water is life and Jacob is connected to it in some way, what is it's opposite? What could Smokey be connected to? My mind went to fire and lava bubbling under the surface somewhere.Well, we 've never seen that anywhere, I hear you say. But, in "The Man Behind The Curtain" we hear for the first time the schoolteacher in Dharmaville talking about volcano eruptions a long time ago. Also the word "crater" can be seen on Rousseau's map. A quick search on the net brought to light more indications of this. check it out yourselves.

Now, since we 've been dealing with opposing sides on everything in the past 6 years,(Black/White, Dark/Light, Science/Faith etc.) it makes sense in a metaphorical way that Smokey is in some way related to this volcano.

Another reason I 'm saying this is because the explanation that the hydrogen bomb caused the island to crumble in the water didn't convince me. What if in the finale when evil is defeated the whole island erupts and our favorite characters go about their day as we saw in (what is so far being called) the Alternative Timeline? Too Lord of The Rings? Thoughts anyone?

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