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Temple Bridge pt 2: The Score So Far by Lovely

Ok finally Lost is back and the foundation of the end game of Lost is starting to come together. I’m excited to get the answers to some of the bigger questions regarding the mythology of the island and the story of our Losties. How great was it to finally see the temple in the season premiere? I was shocked that they got to it as quickly as they did. If you haven’t read the first part of this theory, check it out here:

Now that we have seen that the two worlds are definitely at play in Lost, we still don’t know how these worlds are going to come together. Team Darlton has said that the new world will be more of a slow burn this season, its likely we wont know its true relevance until late in the season. The biggest questions are will the Losties in the new world remember their ‘other’ selves and their experiences on the island? Will they be able to break through that veil? Will they end up on the island? Is their even and island they could get to, considering the shot of the sunken island at the beginning of LA X?

Once upon a time these two men, these two forces were unified. They were charged with a task, not sure by who, not sure where they came from. They were tasked with determining whether mankind was worthy of something… The powers of the islands? Possibly. To avoid extinction? Likely. Jacob and MIB were once in agreement. Then things changed.


I’m guessing that when the split happened between Jacob and Mib, there was a huge family fight in the others clan. This is what Boone referenced in John Locke’s dream in season one. “Bring the family back together, John”. I’m guessing Jacob’s group took the temple and MIB’s were left to wander the island until Ben and Dharma provided a home. That is why MIB is disappointed in all of them… They are his people and they have been following his enemy and Richard has helped it happen.

It makes perfect sense now why Jacob will only meet with the leader of the others and why Richard is immortal to ensure their true identity is not MIB.

Think about the scene with Dogan and Lennon and Hurley. Did they seem afraid of Jacob like ben’s group of others all these years? They acted like he stopped by weekly to dip his toes in the spring and clear out the muck. like he taught pottery classes to zack and emma. Say what you want about Jacob but he’s definitely one step ahead of mib. He was fully aware of said loophole and sprung another trap for mib. He had to know what was coming because he gave hurley the giant ankh pass for the temple admission.

It’s clear now that the cabin was his, probably a place to meet Richard and leave him notes and lists. Christian, whichever dimension he comes from likely does speak for him now (more on that later). It is foolish to think that MIB was in the cabin now. If he was supposedly contained, then why have we seen him way back in season one? The cabin was built by Horace who was definitely one of Jacob’s people… On his tapestry, on the top was the ‘Eye of Horus’.

The biggest piece of evidence that the cabin was Jacob’s is the fact that we see the corner piece of his tapestry pinned to the wall for Ilana. How would anyone get inside the foot to take it? No, Jacob put that there. I think it was a safe place against the monster for his people on the island. The fact that it is revealed to Hurley is another indication as Hurley is definitely on ‘Team Jacob’.

While I believe that Jacob has powers equal to MIB, he uses them much differently. I believe he comes to people in dreams and he observes them via animals at times. Jacob is probably the force behind Vincent and Sawyers boar and Sayid’s tortured cat. He nudges people along, putting them in place to make their own decision. He is betting that they will ultimately make the right decisions, to chose a better way.

Jacob was complicit in his own murder and now he has created his own loophole with Sayid. Ben and Sayid, a match made in heaven or the underworld in this case. A perfect paradox… Sayid shoots Ben, Ben turns Sayid into a killer, Ben is healed by the springs, sayid is healed by the springs… Ben stabs Jacob, Sayid will stab MIB. The island demands balance.


Can’t you just picture it? Jacob and MIB running hand in hand playing in the jungle. okay, maybe not that kind of friend but I am going to do something that I have yet to see in any theory. I am going to attempt to figure out the score of this big game here… Considering we’re starting the 4th and final quarter, I think we need to see who’s winning…

Sometime after the scene between Jacob and MIB on the beach with the Black Rock in the distance, what we were seeing was the beginning of another loop. After countless iteration, MIB had grown tired of Jacob’s games. He was ready to let humanity extinguish themselves and head for home. Jacob saw things a different way. Hell, maybe he just has more patience than MIB. Maybe he has more faith but somehow Jacob rigged the system to give mankind another chance. And yet another. Still another. MIB grew tired of this and decided the only way to end this and go home was to get rid of Jacob. Ironically, he had to use Jacob’s chosen people to kill him.

I’m thinking that Jacob and MIB are even at that point on the beach. I think that was the declaration of war between the two of them and I think that Jacob gained the upper hand when the smoke cleared. Pun Intended. I think this is when Richard was a slave on the Black Rock and when ‘Jacob made him that way’. Throughout the years Jacob has been bringing different groups to the island. Trying to prove MIB wrong. Jacob definitely brought the Dharma Initiative to the island so he must have ruled the island at that point as well. Notice how Smokie was noticeably absent in Dharma times. If he was in control he definitely wouldn’t let them even set-up shop. But them the original incident happened… the one with Razinski that was noted on the blast door map in ’84 I believe.

I believe this is where MIB takes back control of the island. He orders the purge and Jacob’s cabin becomes a refuge in the jungle for protection against MIB in his smokie form. He’s finally found what he believes is his winning formula in the remaining Losties and Desmond and yes Faraday. I think that Jacob used Locke as much as MIB did (which was foreshadowed in Claire’s season one dream) and I think he knows he has to die in order to bring about the end game. When he touched the Losties he imparted a part of himself to each of them. Acting as their constant as he sent them to another dimension in 1977. He left Hawkings and Widmore responsible for ensuring Desmond and Daniel make their way to the island.

Up until this point, we really haven’t seen MIB make his case. I believe that he will now do just that beginning with Sawyer next week. Flocke is going to con sawyer into joining forces with him. He will con him just as he manipulated Ben at his own game; MIB/FLOCKE is going to out-con the master. See a pattern here? MIB manifests as Dave and tempts Hurley into believe everything is all in his mind, that he’s crazy and tries to get him to jump off a cliff. He tempts Jack with his father, and he tempts Locke into believing he’s important. He realizes he got through to Locke and he leads him to destroy virtually every means of communicating with the outside world. He leads him to blow up the Flame communication station, the Swan station, and the Sub.

MIB is a glass half-empty kind of monster. He judges but I think there are rules to his judgement. I think he uses people’s dark sides against them. If you con people and lie and steal and corrupt then he is going to give you that right back. He’s an old testament kind of fellow. I think we will see him begin to make a pretty good case for himself. Don’t buy it. It’s the ‘whatever happened happened’ side of the debate… And we all see where that is now. I am pretty sure Darlton was settling the debate when they had Jack tell Locke, “Nothing is irreversible.”


Put yourself in the ageless wonder’s shoes for a moment. The day that you took Locke to see Jacob must have started out a very happy day. Finally after all these years, your boy Locke has come back through time and death no less and here you are leading him to meet Jacob. Well we now know that Richard’s day ends with an EPIC FAIL as Richard is in it deep now. He just let MIB run his loophole past him and kill Jacob and it seems like MiB is not too fond of him either with his knife-hand hello.
Flocke took Richard down like a boar and I have a feeling he is heading for the temple to finish the job. What happens here is anyone’s guess.

One thing I know about Lost, we still haven’t seen enough to figure it out and for those of you that think you do have it all figured out… After the first episode of the final season, I fear a sliver of humble pie is coming your way. This is LOST, the greatest mystery show in television history. Hell, the greatest show period if you ask me. There is absolutely no way they would fumble it so close to the goal line. Not yet. This team has some major twists in store for us and probably a reversal or two…

I’m leaving you with a link to a minor theory I want to add here… http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/02/put-your-best-foot-forward-by-lovely.html

I want someone to explain to me how the island we saw the Oceanic 815 crashed on is the island at the bottom of the ocean. The statue that Sun/Jin & Sayid saw in season two was of the Left foot, yet we saw Richard, Ben and Flocke come out of the RIGHT FOOT. Can’t wait to see your answers!

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