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Jacob Is The Smoke Monster! [LA X] by FB is LOST

Ok, sounds crazy but hear me out.

So, while rewatching the scene where Jacob comes to Hurley and tells him to take Sayid to the Temple i started to think.

What if that isn't Jacob at all?

How? Well, we know the Smoke Monster can inhabit dead bodies on the island (i.e. Locke, Ana Lucia, Yemi, Alex).

So why not Jacob's body?

I mean Jacob DOES tell Hurley "i died an hour ago" - sound familiar? This is virtually the SAME thing Locke (who is actually the Smoke Monster) says to Illana after 316 crashed, "I remember dying."

This would also make sense because of the way the Temple-Others reacted when they found out that Jacob was dead.. They spread (volcanic?) ash around the entrances in an effort to keep the Smoke Monster out..

What they didnt anticipate is that the Smoke Monster's next "host?" dare i say, is already INSIDE the Temple - Sayid..

Yes i'm saying the Jacob that tells Hurley to take Sayid to the Temple is the Smoke Monster.. AND the Sayid that wakes up at the end of the episode is ALSO the Smoke Monster..

I'm suggesting that Smokey's plans all along was to get Ben to kill Jacob so he (Smokey) can take Jacob's body to convince Hurley to take Sayid to the Temple. Smokey can then take Sayid's body which is already IN the Temple - bypassing the Temple-Others' ashy security attempt..

If you're not convinced, i bet we can link this further back..

Off-Island Smokey?

Have you guys decided whether or not Smokey can go off-island?

I'm guessing YES, and PARTLY because we see Christian (who is OBVIOUSLY the Smoke Monster) off-island in Jack's Season 4 flashforward and again on the boat just before Michael explodes..

What if the Smoke Monster is using dead-Jacobs body OFF-ISLAND in the season 5 finale (you know, when "Jacob" gets Nadia killed, and helps Kate become a trouble-maker among other things)?!

It makes even MORE sense!!!!

If this is true then that means it was the Smoke Monster (as Jacob) who gave Hurley the guitar case containing the wooden Ankh that had the list in it, that gave them access to the Temple, which will ultimately result in the Smoke Monster taking Sayid's body.. PHEW!


What if Hurley DOESNT and never DID see actual dead people (Dead is Dead right?). And it was the Smoke Monster using dead people's bodies to convince Hurley that he COULD see dead people. Then he could appear as a dead Jacob like in LA X and Hurley would be totally convinced..

Iono, this is already WAY longer than i anticipated. Hope I wasn't rambling.

This IS my first POSTED theory but I've been lurkin' for awhile now so tell me what you think and be easy.


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