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While thinking about the new flash sideways timeline that we are seeing in Season 6, I had a thought that perhaps this new flash sideways is not really all that new.

Bear with me because I am probably completely off base and this theory doesn't exactly encompass everything we've been shown on the past five seasons of Lost, but I figured it was worth putting out there. I am interested in seeing what other hardcore Losties think about this.

I'm thinking that the flash sideways LA X footage of the Oceanic 815 flight never crashing is what originally happened. Then, for some reason unknown to us that probably has to do with a Jacob/MIB endless battle, Jacob decided he needed to create a reboot of sorts. Hence the scenes with Jacob touching the Losties as seen in "The Incident". This was Jacob planning to bring them all to the island in order to correct what went wrong (which is unknown). Therefore, what we have all been shown since Season 1 is actually the course correction that Jacob put into place.

Again, I have no idea what needed to be corrected but I am thinking that it definitely has something to do with the bigger picture between Jacob and MIB.

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