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Sun and Jin in ALT by MangoTru7h

I was re-watching LA X (part 2) and I noticed a little something about Sun & Jin that seemed interesting.

After Jin was hassled by the customs officer and taken away, the female customs officer asked Sun if she could understand english. When the officer addressed Sun she used the name "Ms. Paik." Shouldn't she be "Mrs. Kwon?" I ran it back and re-watched a few scenes and it seems that neither Sun or Jin have wedding rings on. You can notice this during that scene when Jin gestures with his left hand on screen.

Some weird things have happened to our Alties. (We have Losties, Tailies, Others and Other-Others, why not Alties?) Could it be that in ALT, Sun & Jin have never been married?

Maybe Jin was forbidden to marry Sun until he proved him self to Mr. Paik. This might explain Jin's cash as a way to run away to the US and alope.

Heck, who knows, it's possible that maybe they are not even involved romantically. The watch might be a gift for Sun's suitor in the US (Perhaps even Jae Lee) and Jin might be her "big brother" body guard. This would explain how much of a jerk Jin still is in ALT. (with the "button your sweater" comment)

Anyway just a mini ALT theory from a long time lurker, first time poster. Looking forward to feedback from you guys and the rest of the final season.

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