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Possession by Gage

How long was the MIB Locke?

I believe the MIB was locke since Ben shot him and left him for dead.

I think the MIB is the one who can't cross through the ash circle and was trapped in the cabin. He was the one who said "help me" to Locke and in their flight from the cabin disrupted the ash. This allowed the MIB to escape and when Ben shot Locke for hearing what he thought was Jacob, the MIB entered Locke. He was not in control, but Locke still was driven by him. This was the greater force compelling Locke to do what he did and how he just knew things about the island. His Faith was driven by the MIB.

It wasn't until the Ben killed Locke the second time that the MIB was actually able to take his form upon the return to the island.

I also belive that the MIB tried to do the same thing with Christian. We all know Jacob touched each one of the Oceanic crew, but if we remember back Christian was also involved with each of the members as well.

The smoke monster was always Jacob hence the security system for the temple, but now that he is dead the MIB is now able to control him, hence the ash ring around the temple.

The real question is Syaid - Jacob was not worried when he died, which even confused Ben, is this because he knew he could come back as Syaid? or did Jacob know that if Syaid died the MIB would be able to take his form? I do not think that is the case because if Jacob knowing the MIB could take the form of Locke even suspected the MIB could be Syaid he would not have allowed him to enter the temple and provide him the perfect opportunity to manipulate and take down everyone.

I think lost will play on a who is Syaid game with the characters because it is such an obvious clue

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