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My theory is certainly not revolutionary; in fact, I've read some other theories that espouse the same thing. I just wanted to put my thoughts down in writing. Just recently, I read this one about both timelines always existing... http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/02/both-timelines-have-always-existed-by.html

I think this is a great explanation of the fact that BOTH WHH and ALT exist!

What we know about ALT:

*The premiere gave us two seemingly irreconcilable timelines.
*Jack's plan worked; the plane lands at LAX. Daniel's "boulder" changed the "river" of time.
*Juliet, in her dying moments, surrrounded by an enormous pocket of electromagnetic energy, seems to have "flashed" to the ALT. "It worked!" she said.
*The "variables" (our Losties) made their own destiny.

What we know about WHH:

*Jin ALWAYS met up with Danielle's team, witnessing the Smoker Monster attack.
*Locke's group ALWAYS flashed to 1954 and had the "Bomb Conversation" with Richard.
*Time-traveling Sawyer ALWAYS witnessed Claire giving birth in 2004.
*Richard sought out Locke at various times in his life, because Locke ALWAYS visited him.
*Sayid ALWAYS shot Ben. This led him to become the man we love to hate.
*Charlotte and her mother left the island because Chang ALWAYS evacuated the island due to Daniel and Jack's shenanigans.
*Miles ALWAYS had a hand in his own departure from the island and ALWAYS saved his father during the Incident, at the expense of his father's hand.
*The Incident ALWAYS occurred with Jack and co. present at the Swan site.
*The orientation video, pushing the button, etc. always resulted from our Losties' interference.

Therefore, what we see in the season 6 premiere with Jack's group is WHH AND ALT! They ALWAYS threw the bomb down the shaft. The ALT ALWAYS resulted from Jack's plan (as the theory I referenced above states). In a stroke of genius, Darlton melded these two seemingly contradictory philosophies!

Hope this makes sense; It is neither very eloquent, nor is it revolutionary. Just helps me understand some things. If later on I am proved wrong, then great!

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