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Split Universe by MisterDai

* When the bomb exploded the universe forked into two.
* One universe is our original, where everything unfolds like it always did (whatever happened, happened).
* Our original universe continues to exist with our losties (1977 and 2007).
* The new universe, created in 1977, has no Jacob!
* We'll see events from the new universe where our usual set of characters are brought together differently (through course correction).

Rules of the theory

* The episodes are the actual timeline (minus flashbacks / forwards).
* Everything we see in Lost (in episode order), happens in that order / timeline.
* I'll call it the showtime (show + timeline) for ease of explaining this theory.
* Considering the above, showtime events are happening together in 1977 and 2007.
* Showtime is flexible, sometimes things in one time period can proceed quicker than another.
* Jacob and possibly his enemy live in the showtime (beach scene was a flashback).

Here is a list of important events, in showtime order, that are important to my theory:

* Key lost characters were influenced by Jacob, this had always happened and was how they ended up where they were.
* Juliet wasn't. Does this make her special and her choices untainted?
* Jacob is killed in 2007.
* Juliet detonates bomb in 1977.
* My theory comes in here, the universe is forked.
* Since in showtime Jacob died before the bomb exploded, he's dead in our new forked universe.

1. Our good old universe, where whatever happened, happened.
* 1977'ers make it back to 2007 (maybe not straight away).
* 2007'ers are still there old selfs.
* Nothing appears to have changed / reset.
* Jacob is still alive from 1977 to 2007 due to the whatever happened rule.
* Died in 2007 from the POV of anyone in this universe.
2. New timeline
* Created in 1977 due to the bomb.
* Jacob died / simply disappeared, in 1977.
* History unfolds without Jacob.
* Course correction takes place to still pull together our characters.
* Desmond didn't go to the island to push the button. With no Jacob, Widmore and his daughter would have lead different lifes, no boat race for Des, brother.
* No Desmond means the plane doesn't crash on the island, they may still get on it though due to course correction.
* Characters who were influence by Jacob (Losties in their past, Others without their leaders leader), end up leading different lives.

Why and what I think might happen next

* Season 6 will see them discover the split eventually.
* The two universes cannot continue to exist and must be merged.
* The numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Must be changed to save mankind.
* Supposedly underly the Valenzetti equation which predict the end of humanity.
* The new universe will have different numbers.
* Somehow the old universe and new will merge / interact to change our main set of numbers.
* This will save humanity.

Reasoning and possible proof

* This explains why Desmond suddenly had the memory of Faraday. Ignore the fact that Faraday was in the past, according to "showtime" this just happened so Desmond suddenly gets the new memory.
* The numbers when being stamped on the hatch in 1977, the last number was smudged on the paper work. Maybe this is a hint that one of the numbers is changing or will be changed.
* I doubt the writers would do a what-if view of the losties lifes had they not crashed.
* This would be a world without jacob that the original universe needs to survive.
* We get the keep the characters we know and love / hate.

Well, I hope that makes sense. We'll soon start to see if things pan out according to my theory, although if the Lost writers get wind of this, they'd probably change the end :P

Also, what makes "showtime" difficult is that lostpedia groups events of an episode into the time period (e.g. 1977 and 2007) instead of order shown in the episode.

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