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Prescient Jack and his decision making by Ben

I've been trying to work out how Jack/Losties end up in LAX without some divergence in reality. I'm a one timeline kinda guy - keep it simple. My mind meandered to Jacob's touch. Ohhh that gentle touch given to key characters. Kudos to whomever, originally, spotted that little gem. Thoughts then lead me to another Jacob, that of Jacob Marley. Then, consequently, to the story of Scrooge. I'm not making a direct comparison to Lost, but I am suggesting that the ability to see past, present and future helps you make a fresh decision - should you actually wish to make it. What if Scrooge liked the future and decided not to change. His prerogative - right or wrong. Free will and all that.

That's what got me to think that what Jack experiences is, for want of a better phrase, a vision of a decision. You want to land at LAX, Jack, and wipe away your on island history? Ok, here's what it will look like. Much like Desmond. Desmond wanted to make a different decision, but Mummy Faraday slapped his ring less hand and course corrected. The same mummy, who's son informed Jack that he wasn't meant to be in the 70's - Mummy had made a mistake. The same man that Miles suggested 'had been right about everything else, so far'. Everyone is doing what they believe is the right course of action, but what the heck is right?

As season 6 unfolds I hope we see Jack realise that his decision (maybe very early on) simply wasn't for the greater good. That he's fixing things, but using the wrong lego blocks. The real lego blocks to salvation (and all the other words that best fit a more utilitarian future) are on island, with his Lost friends.

Lost, amongst other things, also means 'not winning' - come on Mr Shepherd, we need you to win for the greater good. Come back and resolve those daddy issues......

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