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We know one thing in LOST, that is that nothing is what it appears to be. One of the themes that LOST has shown is the struggle of Science vs faith, this ideas have been represented by Jack VS Locke, but I think that the roles are really reversed. Jack is the real man of faith and Locke is the real man of Science.

Locke always want to trust in something or someone, but he has been wrong all along. His dad used him, his mom used him telling him he was "immaculately conceived", even Eddie the undercover officer used him, and now it appears that the Man In Black has used him as well. Even in the island, Locke's incorrect believes and actions got Boone killed and even killed half the camp that followed him to the barracks in season 4. Another thing that he was certain was not continuing pushing the button and that made the hatch explode. Locke has always been wrong and in the end he failed to bring everyone back and! now appears to be dead. Jack may appear to be the man of Science but I think there is something more special to him that he or even us have realized yet. Jack made a promise and was able to perform a "miracle" and he "fixed" Sarah , It was Jack that believed in the fact that they had to go back to the island and that started the events leading to them coming back. Also it would appear that since he followed Mrs Hawking's instructions, like giving Locke something of his father's, that made their plans in coming back to the island work. Interesting enough, was it just a coincidence that the moment that Jack read Locke's letter it was when the plane started to go down? Also in the end, as far we know and wnatever we can expect in season 6, Jack could have been right all along and IT WAS their destiny to detonate the hydrogen bomb. Seems to me like Jack is more connected to his hidden faith than Locke ever was and like Locke's teacher once told him as a teen, Locke really just! belongs in front of science beakers while Jack has a bigger D! estiny t o follow. So could this kind of role reversal mean that not everyone is playing the role we think they are playing? Well I think there is another duo that is not what they appear to be, but you will have to read part 2 to find out.

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