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Smoke Monster by Stephen

Hi All,
First off i believe Lost to be the greatest show ever! I will truly miss it when it is gone and i have a hard time believing there will ever be a show like it...it truly is genius and that's an understatement!

Ok onto my theory and don't kill me cause it's my first(I'm a lost theory virgin) . I believe the smoke monster to be every hallucination or vision that was seen on the island only to get to one cause! (to find the loophole) every vision by kate(the horse) jack (christian)eko (yemi) all (flocke) locke(walt) Shannon and Sayid (Walt) etc.,

The reason I believe this is because when Flocke meets Jacob and Says "you have no idea what it took for me to get here" this was the long road of the smoke monster being the apparition of everyone and everything to get Flocke to that point, at that time, for Ben to kill Jacob. It had to happen the way it did for that to happen(that's what lost is all about (fate))
Well Thank You and be as critical as possible because it only makes me and the rest of the Lost world more in key to what is going on. Thanks!

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