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Dying Words by HowAboutBeth

Firstly, Hello.
Found this place through darkUFO, longtime visitor and Lost Fan who decided to start posting in honour of the last Season of Lost.

I looked through the forum to see if anyone had posted about this yet but I didn't see anything. I could be wrong but though my eyes are young, I've been awake for over 28 hours.

So, a lot of people have been buzzing about Smokey-Flocke, The Temple and Richard "Ageless Eyeliner" Alpert's chains but every time I re-watch LA-X it's Juliet's Dying scene that makes my eyebrows raise.

She falls out of consciousness and says:
[quote][b]"We should get coffee sometime...We can go Dutch...."[/b][/quote] Something, I dunno what, call it intuition, tells me that she'll be saying these words again to Sawyer in the near future. Just like that, except she won't be dying as she says them and to push my theory farther she won't be on the Island either.

It could just be because "she's my chick" and she keeps me going when I wish Sawyer would smack Kate for sometimes loosing her common sense, and I'm so sad to see Juliet 'leave' the Island. It just may be my own grief BUT I think moments like these will be occurring throughout this season of lost and they just might be [b]what merge the time lines[/b].

On an aside note, I also wanted to know if anyone else laughed at 37:28/29 when Sawyer made his last grunt of grief, sorrow and heartache and Juliet's second death. I couldn't help it, It was too much!

When we first see Juliet she says [quote]"It didn't work, we're still on the island"..." I hit the bomb and you're still here..."
..."I wanted you to be able to go [i]home[/i]"..."I'm going to get you out of here and we're all gonna be able to go [i]home[/i]..."[/quote]
All these references to home don't make me think that [b]"home "[/b]is underwater. For Smokey-Flocke (Flockey) or anyone else. I think home is off the island, and I think Flockey, like Juliet was, is trapped there and his destruction is somehow tied into his freedom...Actually, I haven't finished thinking about this one but I believe that MIB is more like [b]Cain [/b]of Cain and Abel than Esau.

Okay, I've dying to have this post torn apart by all of you so enough rambling from me.


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