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So maybe the fact that there is some alternate timeline allowed sayid to survive as opposed to die. Because he consciousness did not die, it just became manifest on the other timeline. Thats why Juliet was talking about coffee and said "it worked." So while she really died in this timeline, her consciousness remains alive in the other timeline, meaning if she is brought to the spring she could potentially be revived. This is why Miles could not hear anything from Sayid after he "died" because he didn't really die at all. In addition the movement back and forth between realities could be why Sayid was confused and asked "what happened?" when he came around in the temple. Or it could be that the Sayid from the other timeline is now in our timeline and has never met all of these people. Not sure on this. If your consciousness could jump back and forth through time like Desmond's did why can't the same happen through! alternate realties? This seems plausible to me. Potentially this means real locke could be resurrected again in this timeline if he is brought to the spring, as long as he is still alive in the alternate timeline, perhaps giving him vindication. Its almost like the new timeline could have given the losties a second chance if they were to die. I dunno, there must be plenty wrong with this theory but its interesting I think...

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