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Sayid is Jacob's Loophole by blackbox2342

It wasn't so long ago when Jacob and Flocke (Fake Locke) were having a conversation in which Flocke exclaimed that he would find his loophole. This is of course where Locke came in, Locke been the loophole that effectivley led to 'Jacob's' death. Now I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

In LA X the Others put Sayid down as a failed cause; "your friend is dead" and there shock at the end of the episode when Sayid gets up makes me believe the Others truly didn't expect this ressurection and why? well Sayid truly was dead.

We've seen now that Flocke can take on the identity of other people so it'd be foolish to think that Jacob can't either. Does this mean there'll be a showdown between old friends except in different bodies. I believe that we will soon see a Sayid VS Locke showdown and I feel this theory makes sense.

Sayid is Jacob's loophole and he'll use it to stop Flocke.

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