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John Locke will be back by SALAAM

Ok everyone out there, my theory is this, essentialy i believe that John Locke will be back on LOST in the 2007 timeline that we are currently in with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, the MIB/Smokey, Richard etc.

Now this might sound like the hopefull thinking of a John Locke fan, but i have 1 main reason for believeing this after watching the Season 6 Premiere (LAX).

To understand were i am coming from, please refer back to the conversation that Jack and Locke were having in the alternate universe in the lost baggage and cargo part of LAX. Personally i believe Oceanic flight 815 never crashes on the island as it is underwater destroyed, most likely from the hydrogen bomb detonated in the 70's, which caused a fork in space time, hence the alternate universe where the incident did not lead to the construction of the hatch, which did not lead to desmond coming to the island to press the button to release the energy from the pocket below the swan, hence he could not have failed to push the button, which ultimatly means oceanic 815 cannot crash in that universe on the island).

Anyway, back to Jack and Locke, Jack tells Locke that they Lost his father, and that they should have some kind of tracking system to find him. Locke responds by saying 'how could they know where he is, THEY DIDNT LOSE YOUR FATHER, THEY JUST LOST HIS BODY.....' then jack has this look on his face, almost of complete reasurence.. then Locke gives Jack a cheecky smile.. this scene was incredibly powerful for me.. it was almost as if John in the alternate universe was telling the Jack in the universe we have come to know and love not to not worry, as they may have lost John Locke's body figurativly, and literally to the moster... but they will never lose his spirit.. and that he will continue his journey on the island as a spiritual presence, just like Jacob.

Later in the conversation after Jack asks how Locke became to be in a wheelchair, John states 'Surgery wont do anything for me, my condition is ireversible...', to which Jack replies 'NOTHING is ireversible...' - This was a truly beautiful scene..

maybe even death cannot stop John from influencing events on the island in 'real' time.

Maybe in future episodes we will see Jacob and Locke together through Hurleys eyes as he can talk to the spirirts of the dead, and Locke will fulfill his true purpose of destroying the MIB/Smokey through the surviving Lost characters, i.e. Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Jin and all the others at the temple..

I hope so

Thought anyone and everyone?? please give me some comments

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