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Christian was the Man In Black by Drags

Lost; a show like no other. What other television program in history has fluent and flawlessly intertwined drama, mystery, suspense, philosophy, religion and time travel into one show, and done it so well fans only want more. Of course what makes Lost so addictive is the non-linear way the story unfolds. The way answers are hinted at repeatedly but not realized until a later date; making it also one of the best shows to re-watch (sometimes the second time is better than the first).

Now, finally, Season 6 (the Final Season) is upon us and answers will be found; along with a plethora of new questions to drive us crazy. The premiere episode, LA X, was to some disappointing, but to most, yet another way to tell a compelling story.
To understand this season there are key points from past seasons that must be addressed and put together, like a puzzle, to make sense of what we should prepare ourselves for in the coming months.

First: John Locke is dead…and they mean dead dead, like Niki and Paulo. The man we see now as John Locke is the Man in Black (MIB) who sat on the beach next to Jacob in the beginning of the Season 5 Finale, proclaiming aloud how much he wanted to kill him, but couldn’t. What most don’t realize, is that MIB has been with us since Season 1; yes, Season 1.

Which brings us to point number Two: do you all recall a Dr. Christian Shepard (Jack’s Dad) whose body was in the cargo of Flight 815 only to start popping up everywhere on the Island? And John Locke’s dead body was in the cargo of Algera flight 316, only to later walk the earth. Are these two the same? Is it a coincidence? Let’s examine. Christian showed Sun the Dharma picture of Hurley, Kate and Jack in the 70’s, explaining that Jin is there too. Later that episode Locke returned, sitting on the beach wearing a cloak. Since then Christian hasn’t been seen….and it’s not a coincidence. Christian was in “Jacob’s Cabin” at one point, but of course now we know that it was never Jacob’s cabin, it was the MIB’s prison {Jacob resides in the Statue}.

Point Three: Ben has never seen Jacob and only received orders from him on pieces of paper after Richard’s meetings. How Ben stumbled upon the cabin and showed it to Locke we will probably never know (unless it was the MIB’s will), but Jacob was never there, it was where the MIB was trapped; the circle of soot held him there. Richard has never been to the cabin and brought Locke/MIB, straight to the Statue, trekking all by beach, not the jungle.

Number Four: When Alana and her team went to the cabin we clearly see that the circle of soot is broken, symbolizing that the MIB broke out, aka, took the form of Locke. But why wasn’t the MIB able to kill Jacob as Christian? For one, Locke had a communion with the Island that Christian wasn’t even close to having; all he had was connections to the various other people on Flight 815. Second, he didn’t know how to get to Jacob and as Locke he could get Richard to show him exactly how to get there. And third, as Christian, he could never persuade Ben to kill Jacob. It wasn’t a coincidence that the MIB, as Locke, told Richard to tell himself (Locke) that he had to die to bring the others back and save the Island. Then Christen shows up in the frozen cave and tells Locke, “That’s why they call it sacrifice,” after Locke tells him that Richard said he had to die. The MIB told Richard what to say to Locke, then the MIB (as Christian) reiterated it in the cave! , convincing Locke. MIB knew if Locke died the others would come back, bring back his body and he could commandeer the image and life of John Locke, aka, his loop hole.

Which brings us quickly to Richard. Jacob is dead. So what does this mean for Richard? Richard doesn’t age because of Jacob (he says, “Jacob made me this way” in the Season 5 Finale). Could we see Richard start to age, will the powers of Jacob last or does Richard need to take sides with the MIB to continue not to age? It’s too early to tell, but MIB did knock Richard out, throw him over his shoulder and walk away with him. This could mean so many things it’s not even worth theorizing. One key point of information about Richard we did learn was that he asked, “You?” when MIB walked out after the firework went off. This could be because of the firework, because the Others know of the MIB or, hopefully, because Richard has been around so long that he’s seen the MIB when he was THE Man In Black on the beach; perhaps Richard arrived on the boat that was floating off the coast that Jacob and MIB were talking about; MIB negative, Jacob positive.

As for Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Saiid (the new Jacob???) and Miles, I’ll discuss that tomorrow in my next post….look for it.
If you have any questions just post ‘em, I’ll try to get back.
- Drags

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