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THE RULES by Burniebridges

When the game started, MIB and Jacob where both willing participants. When they where both on the island they created as a paradise, contemplating things that all great beings do (like what the hell I'm going to watch when lost is over) they had an argument; There's no way that man could posses the power on the island without corrupting it, or themselves, and Jacob says, OK, well how about this, and proposes a game, and they agree to play it. Jacob, being a manipulator, changes the rules of the game in mid flight, but calls it a loophole (more on that later), MIB gets pissed, but he really cant do anything about it, because...

the rules of the game- stop him
-Jacob can recruit x amount of players, say 500, and put them on the island, and see if one candidate emerges "pure" enough to take over control of the island, and know that they are leaving it in good hands. this is a Jacob win.game over.
-MIB can recruit all the players that fall victim to corruption,and die on the island and are unburied. He can also inhabit the bodies of the fallen,when the list runs out, MIB wins, they abandon the island to whom ever. game over
-Jacob can assist his candidates as long as they all choose to do everything it takes to be the "1" on their own free will.
-MIB can do anything he can to stop the process from happening, via lies corruption, murder, as long as candidates makes the choice them selves to do said evilness.
-a candidate has to achieve a certain amount of "karma points" to ascend to number 1. they have their entire life to do so, and lead the island in peace, hidden, sharing the gifts of the island with humanity.
-They choose a REF- a CHILD to be fair and balanced.
-MIB is the only one with the power to judge the candidates, to be balanced and fair.
-Candidates who are eliminated, by death, claimed or not, or if they make conscious choice AGAINST the island, may live on the island, they can assist one side or the other, they can assist the ref, etc etc..all if chosen freely.
-Both players may not harm each other, or any of the candidates.failed candidates that live on island are fair game.
-If directly addressed, either player may fully explain the rules to the candidate.
-At anytime a candidate wants to, they can request to see what their life would have been if they had not been playing the game, at that point if they wish, they can leave and restart their lives free of the game. the rule is that person counts for neither and a replacement is called.(look for mirrors to play a part in this)
-Neither Jacob or MIB can leave

The game begins, maybe when time begins, and they watch it, for a very long time. candidates play, as they gain levels of karma points, they gain different powers. some live many many lifetimes. Some die, and never redeem themselves enough, some make a choice to abandon the island, some are reborn by the powers of the island, and go through many lifetimes, sometimes they even bare they're children into the game, hoping for candidate or ref status. It gets too long, too important, and Jacob is losing to the corruption and the rapid technology advances. unwanted people show up. Jacob, using the original loophole, starts abusing the time travel technology/powers of the island, and MIB is forced to watch chunks of the game over and over, and he gets angry, he just wants to end the game and leave, but hes bound to the rules. Jacob is invested in the game and bitter that his friend no longer enjoys it.


if the show is explained as us watching the candidates play the game willingly, but unknowingly, is the show we've all been bending our brains on, what happens at the end?

ILL tell ya

MIB and Jacob start the final war, its been set up, there's only a few left, and they're not going to time travel, the situation is going to come to head quickly, and a "1" needs to show up very soon.People are going to find out to much freak out, and want out, they're going to die, get turned, and corrupted from the inside out, none of the last candidates has any love for the island, it looks like Jacob will lose, and he has to protect his precious few, explain to them, and hope in the last trying times someone will ascend, but he cant help, MIB found his own loophole and eliminated Jacobs body from the game (Jacob is white smoke, that's why we didn't notice when he rose out of the fire that MIB kicked him into)
There's about 15 episodes left and MIB is turning the last of them against each other, and forcing the situation. when he tells sawyer he needs his help, its to force the end of the game, the end of the game is death for everyone, and the new life in the mirror.

SOOO what are they-
I think everything in the show will have a forked explanation, I will fork my explanations to explain-
Jacob/mib They re gods, and they've been there so long they can just about account for any religious figure or religious icon you have ever heard of. They started the game because gods are obviously bored and they do shit like that all the time.
Aliens, you knew it.they crashed here super long ago, and they thought the human race was fun to play with, and they have spread they're tales all over the planet through out the generations of the games players.
Its the garden of Eden, paradise, whatever you call a place that gods made to be paradise and make you live forever. its been called many things by many cultures through out time.
Its they're ship, its still giving off all kinds of things that make the island do all the stuff we like it for.

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thanks for Reading
part 2 direct connections coming

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