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Here are some theories and things I wanted to mention. First Jughead didn't cause the island to sink or split time. Since Faraday was in Eloises womb and also killed in his adult version before Jughead went off Jughead couldn't have caused it(his appearance in the promo pic shows that he will be in the season((NOT A SPOILER)) ). As for the ALT timeline early on when Faraday was talking about time travel he spoke of time being a river were small pebbles (changes) were course corrected , but large changes were akin to a boulder causing time to split I believe that course correction takes much longer but eventually time will converge again, however I believe that certain events will have to happen both on and off island .I believe that Eloise turned the FDW and caused the time shift which is why she says when she is sending the Loisties back to the island that "for the first time in a long time I don't know what hap! pens next" because she leaves the island shortly after .I think this is also why Eloise never returned to the island.

I believe that MIB and JAcob are neither good nor bad , just guardians of the island. But MIB is no longer wanting to play his part anymore. The interesting thing is if you compare jacob and MIB to locke and jack , I think the end game will make more sense. Jack does not believe the island is special and wants to leave. While Locke believes the island is magical and must be protected. So why does MIB take over Locke? Well, strategy. MIB would try to take to his side anyone who would align with Jacobs ideals to shift the balance of power.Think of it as a variant of backgammon . In traditional backgammon a player tries to bring all of his pieces to his "home" and then remove them.The variation being that both players share the same pieces. right now MIB is trying to bring all the pieces to his side and if he does so he will remove them ALL.

I also believe that implications were missed between events on the island and comments made by Jacob. Many people we see on the show are NOT part of the game no matter how much they shape the events of the future. An excellent overlooked example is Ben. When Ben asks Jacob "what about me?" and Jacob replies " what about you ?" I think there is much deeper meaning .Expanding upon that , Ben was not healed by the island because he is not part of the game.He never got to meet Jacob because he was never a candidate. Keamy was able to kill Alex because since Ben is not a part of the game the rules do not apply just like all of the others, dharma people, and unimportant losties.Speaking of Keamy and Alex and the foreshadowing of killing by proxy, I believe that the reason Locke was able to kill Jacob is that for the pieces to be able to fairly operate they can not be denied their will , they can not be forced through decisions affecting the game ,the only people able to kill Jacob! were the pieces of the game. Also ,I believe that we believe that it is fate vs freewill, but, both can coexist once we introduced time travel.

I also believe that we will get to see an expansion on the time flash , we will see Rose and Bernard on island transported back to become the Adam and Eve skeletons.

Also if the death of Jacob caused the water to become murky causing the sickness , then why did Richard warn us of the same loss of innocence when he took Ben to the temple?

I also believe Tawaret, infertility and Aaron, Walt, and Ji yuen will be expanded upon. We will find out that the signifigance of the children is that they are the next line of pieces in the game.

Also dont count out the fact that the dharma shark at the bottom of the ocean is more than just an easter egg, and I'm willing to bet the whispers are the ones who are coming , the ones above MIB and Jacob's head.

Thanks for your time pick this apart to help me improve my understanding of the Show.

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