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The MIB limitation by Guessed Speaker

Pardon me if its already been addressed in another theory or similarly fleshed out, but i just wanted to submit to all you fellow lost lovers a quick take on the extent of Smokey's abilities. This is my first time posting so be gentle, or rip it to shreds if you want to. It's all just meant to get you all thinking. BTW this theory is not very specific and i wont cite exact episodes because i'm writing this so early in the morning.
Let me start by stating some of the things that we are positive about.
1. Smokey doesn't like ash. We've seen him unable to pass through ash circles.
2. "Jacob's" Cabin was surrounded by ash to protect him from Smokey.
3. It is true that the MIB is Smokey who now manifests himself as Flocke.
4. MIB couldn't kill Jacob directly.

I know this seems rushed and messy maybe but just bear with me. These are things that we are not so certain about.

1.Why is Smokey stuck permanently as Locke?
2.Why don't we ever see Flocke instantaneously shift from Flocke to the smoke monster?

I cant answer all three of those questions but i will address the essence of their mystery. Firstly lets look at the first point of what we do know. The ash protects you from a smokey attack. The ash also prohibited Smokey from entering "Jacob's" Cabin. I say "jacob's" because I'm pretty sure that the cabin wasn't actually Jacob's but rather a prison for smokey. Many others have posted similar theories and i am in no way trying to take credit but build on this idea. Many others point to the obvious flaw of such a theory: That the smoke monster was attacking the Losties and such from day one and has been a constant menace to all those who step foot on the island. I concede that point absolutely but i feel that there is more to it. In essence i am saying that smokey and MIB are the same yet separate. I believe that the cabin was not Jacob's but rather a prison for the MIB's body. Sometime in their struggle i believe that Jacob separated the MIB's body from his essence, aka the! smoke monster. Jacob isn't able to kill the MIB technically because of the rules of their game, but perhaps he is able to separate him from his physical form in order to prevent him from enacting his own agenda or better yet the loophole. Once the circle of ash is broken and he is again reunited with his body, he can dispose of it and replace it with Locke's (or any other suitable candidate) in order to fulfill his loophole. As smokey he could only manipulate and coax Jacob's candidates into his agenda and reuniting him with himself so he can do some REAL damage.
Before i go on i want to provide evidence for why i think the MIB's body was trapped in the cabin and why smokey is his will. In The Substitute we witnessed the smoke monster traveling through New Otherton looking for Sawyer and even saw its reflection in the window. The next thing he does however is to go back to the jungle and confront Richard who he has hanging in a tree. This is extremely important to note. Why did Locke have richard up the tree? the obvious answer is that he didn't want him running away while he went to look for sawyer. But then i thought, what would it matter if he ran because he can shift to Smokey and track Richard down easy. And if that were the case, why didn't he just turn into Flocke right there in front of Sawyers house. Then i started to consider that we have yet to see the smoke monster shift directly from his smokey to his "Locked" Locke body and vise versa. At the statues foot we saw Bram and his gang shoot at Flocke then he mysteriously van! ished, then out came smokey, then he left and out came Flocke. What i am getting at is that both the MIB as Flocke and the smoke monster can not exist in the same space at the same time, it is either one or the other and the reason that we don't see Flocke's body is that in order to shift he must hide his body. Why? In order to protect himself from what i can only speculate is some sort of "death" for him. If the MIB were to leave his "shell" exposed, it would be subject to termination especially now that this is his "permanent" home. This explains why we don't see the immediate shift from one form to the other and why Richard was up in the tree. Flocke had him up in the tree not to prevent him from running but rather to protect his body from being destroyed and thus losing the game. Again, more evidence to support this claim is why didn't Flocke just transform into Smokey to chase down richard after he fled or even the young blonde boy or even become the smoke monster to g! et to the cave easier (OK i admit that he didn't transform in ! order to gain sawyers trust in this instance).
In a nutshell, MIB's loophole required him to gain access to his former body only to discard it and replace it with one of Jacob's candidates and manipulate Ben into killing him but at the price of shifting into other forms.
Sloppy in general, typos aplenty, flaws in logic, proof otherwise, that's my theory essentially. And whatever you choose to take out of it please respond, good or bad. And if you want clarification on any point just let me know.

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