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Destiny=The end of the world? by Yanksrock3333

Well obviously lost is all about destiny and has been talked about over and over again throughout the series.Its also been hinted at that their destiny is extremely important and serves a higher purpose.What is this higher purpose?Most people think that the losties destiny/purpose or whatever you want to call it is to be a part of the game between M.I.B. and Jacob and to help one of them prove their point.I dont think this is actually their "destiny".Yes,it may be true that they're a part of the arguement.But,I think that their destiny is much more vital than just to prove a point or win an arguement.So if their destiny is not about an arguement, what is it you might ask?I think that the losties are somehow destined to prevent the end of the world somehow.Also the vanzeletti equation which is widely known to calculate when the end of world will occur seems to be a hint at that in my opinion.Anyways let me know wh! at you think?

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