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I am terrible at explaining things so please forgive me if I talk in circles. Okay, Alt Desmond #1: In the episode "The Constant" Desmond mind travels back to a past where he is no longer with Penny and had not spoke with her in quite some time. Penny hated Desmond. This was pointed out by Charles Widmore to Desmond when they spoke in the restroom at the auction house. Charles said to Desmond, "I am not the one who hates you". That is a big change from the Widmore that told Desmond he was not worth a sip of the fancy whiskey.(cant remember the name, McKutchen or something like that) He then gave Penny's address to Desmond. Again, uncharacteristic for someone who does not think Desmond is worthy of his daughters affection. If you notice, Desmond and Penny were not exactly on speaking terms during his mind flashes back to this point in his past. When he calls Penny from the freighter, using the phone number Penny r! eluctantly gave him, it had been 8 years or so since they last talked.(havent watched this episode in a while) This does not sync up with the Penny/Desmond flashback scenes we had previously watched.

Alt Desmond#2: Penny is still very much in love with him but he is so obsessed with earning Charles Widmore's approval that he starts training for the race around the world that leads him to the island. He meets Jack while going for a run at the stadium and Penny later tries to talk him out of going on the race that same night in the parking lot. That was only 3 or 4 years before 815 crashed. Once Desmond had been missing for a few years Penny got herself a search party together and searched tirelessly for Desmond. We see evidence of this in the season 2 finale( ironic that her team was set up in what looked like the arctic. Polar bears on the island, the wheel that moves the island is frozen, oh nevermind) and we see evidence of this in the season 3 finale when she speaks to Charlie in the Looking Glass station.

So here is where I'm going with this. The Penny that Desmond interacts with in "The Constant" was not looking for Desmond. She was still at home putting up her Christmas tree. There is now way she could have gotten a search party together and rescued them after the freighter exploded a few days later. The Desmond from that timeline never ran the race around the world because in that reality Penny hated him, not Charles Widmore. Penny in that timeline was simply waiting for Desmond to prove his love by calling her in 8 years on Chrismas Eve like he promised her he would. That is exactly what that Desmond did.

So here is what I think. It is obvious that the show is going on a multiple timeline/ alt reality arc. The reason 815 does not crash in the new timeline is not because of the bomb. It is because Desmond never came to the island to cause the crash in the first place. What happend in the 1977 timeline? Maybe they destroyed the island, moved it again, turned it into a resort, who knows? I guess we will find out Tuesday! Either I am onto something or it could just be inconsistent writing. Kind of like how Charlie could not swim in season 1 but looked like Michael Phelps swimming down to the looking glass station in season 3. Who taught him how to swim? Or is this another hint at alternate timelines!! doubt it.

Thanks for allowing me to waste five minutes of your time with what I'm sure is nowhere near what is really going on with the show. It's the first show I have ever watched that I can not figure out. That is why I love it so much. Have a great day.

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