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Richard's Cup by Cos

This is just a quick thought that doesn't really have any bearing on discovering anything so magnificent.

We learned last week that there is a magic spring at the Temple that sports water with healing powers. When Dogen cut his hand and put it in the water, it looked like he expected his wound to be healed.

At various points in history, we've seen Richard drinking out of a (awesome) blue metal camping cup. He was holding it when Locke walked up on the Others (1954), and also when Faraday was shot (1977). (They're not hard to find. I bought one. It's my favorite. There's even a FaceBook fangroup for it!)

Here's a link to a pic if you got no clue what I'm spouting about...


I always thought he was drinking scotch (j/k).

Truth is, I never really thought much about what he was drinking. However, after last week, I don't think there's much doubt that he's drinking Magic Island Spring Water. And perhaps this is what is causing his looks, and health, to remain eternally youthful.

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