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2 Timelines and the Numbers by Colin Smith

Just a couple things I've been thinking of and I thought I'd share it in hopes that they may spawn other theories...

On The Timelines: If time is a stream of water then jughead exploding would mean that the stream has now forked and there are 2 streams running side by side.
But just like water those streams can't run along side eachother forever. Eventually they have to flow into a larger body of water. But this is time and not water, but using that idea, I think that the 2 timelines that have been created will converge into one at somepoint as the universe corse corrects.

On the Numbers: I'm wondering what numbers Hugo played to win the lottery in the other timeline. If in one timeline Hugo is unlucky and "the numbers are bad". Wouldn't Hugo being lucky in the other timeline mean the numbers that exist there are good?

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