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Flocke=MIB=Smoke Monster Implications by Lostless

The recent revelation that Flocke (Fake Locke) is also the Man in Black (MIB) and the Smoke Monster has really put a major piece of the puzzle together.

The final episode of season five showed us that the events of the show are caused by some struggle or game played by two superior beings—Jacob and the MIB. These two beings seem to be manipulating the characters of Lost, but we still aren’t aware of their rules of engagement or agendas. However, we have been shown their methodologies. Both Jacob and the MIB have been engaged in this struggle for centuries (The MIB already seemed pretty bored with it when the Black Rock was arriving at the island.)

Jacob influences people to be his followers. He gives his followers orders directly or through lists. His supporters seem to organize into groups (eg. Ilana’s group, the Others). When he asks people to do things (like Hurley with the guitar case) he stresses that it’s a free will issue. He makes appoint of touching certain characters, but implication is still not known.

The MIB influences people in two ways:
1.) He appears as the smoke monster and murders and destroys.
2.) He takes the form of dead people to convince characters to behave in certain fashions. (eg. He appeared as Ben’s daughter and told Ben to follow Flock or he would be killed.) Since this is modus operandi, I surmise that appearances by other dead people (Christian Shepard and Yemi) are also the work of the MIB.

Both the MIB and Jacob seem to transcend time. They prepare people for future events. Jacob gave Hurley the guitar case knowing that he would give it to the Others in the future. Flocke took Richard to help time-traveling Locke heal his bullet wound and continue on the path to the frozen donkey wheel.

What do we know of the game? When we saw Jacob and the MIB on the island when the Black Rock arrived, it seemed to entail bringing people to the island and hoping they behaved in certain ways. Jacob had a desired outcome, but the MIB just felt they would “Come, fight and destroy.” Again, he seemed bored with the whole game and after he killed Jacob and Bram’s group he told Ben “I just want to go home.” It’s safe to say his motivation is to quit the game while Jacob continues to want to play it.

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