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Revisiting the Valenzetti Equation by SpLodGe

I am inspired from a quote from another DarkUFO blogger called “adammr” who theorised about the meaning of the cryptic clue for the ending of Lost.


adammr wrote - “How's this for mind-blowing:We are like Jacob.We have a known end result (the code given) that we want to match. We're doing this by trying to find a phrase that produces the MD5 hash given.Jacob has a known end result (we don't know what it is) that he's trying to match. He's doing this by trying to find people who, when brought to the Island, produce the end result.We know that the Oceanic Six have numbers associated with them, and those numbers correspond to the Valenzetti equation. Jacob is somehow finding out people on earth who correspond to given numbers, brings them to the Island hoping to find his end result.I think it's possible this hash was probably produced from md5-ing a long, meaningless bunch of gibberish. Even if it contained some phrase like "oceanic 6 killed by mib to save whole world," that takes away so much of the "WHY WHY WHY" from the show. The spoiler might instead be realized when we figure out that 1) our process of matching this ! hash is akin to Jacob trying to bring people to the Island (whether his reasons are nefarious or good) and 2) nothing is irreversible.

If some of our key Losties are actually representing the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 then are these the people who are responsible for the end of the world as predicted by Valenzetti? Is Jacob substituting all these people he has designated as candidates (i.e. all the people whose names are calved into the walls of the cave) into the same scenario time and time again to determine which ones equal the correct combination? IE trying to determine who the people are who caused the end of the world or the paradox which sent him (and others) back in time. In destroying the world would Jacob be saving the island which is what Flocke claims is Jacob’s goal?” QUOTE BY ADAMMR

In another timeline could we have had a different number combination? For example when the Black Rock came to the island were the numbers 9, 51, 115, 119, 282, 291. I don’t think that Hurley could have used these numbers to bet on the lottery! However, the numbers themselves are likely things which can have an influence on the destinies of the people involved; the numbers could be “little pushes” that Jacob must provide to get the candidates to the island. Hence why we have seen such frequent occurrences of the numbers in the PRIME timeline. Should we be looking for the variables in this new SIDEWAYS timeline? IE should we be looking for more unusual occurances of different numbers in this timeline?

If Jacob was a Dharma scientist from the 70’s (or the dreaded theory that Jacob is a grown up Aaron or descendent of Aaron) then what he could be trying to figure out is who caused the mess in the first place. The mess being that he (and perhaps several others) was thrown back in time or the end of the world. What I am proposing is that when someone from the future came back in time they broke the cardinal rule – don’t mess with the past. If Jacob was a Dharma scientist or Aaron he would not know who was responsible for the mess. The only way that he can determine who the people are that cause the mess is by a process of elimination. The only way he can achieve this is by recreating the experiment over and over again. He brings people to the island who he has discovered have some connection to the island – all the candidates. By reliving the timeline and experiencing future history over and over again he has been able to establish the potential candidates.

Perhaps Jacob is giving each person a turn at trying to change their lives, i.e. he gives each of them (the candidates) a chance to turn the frozen donkey wheel, reset the clock and relive time.They would be exposed to the exotic matter just like Desmond was after he turned the failsafe key and they would be sent to their past but would see glimses to the future, have those feelings of déjà vu. With this knowledge of the future would the candidates make different choices? Would the timeline look very different if people made different choices and what would those consequences be? Perhaps Jack would choose to have a son. One small push in Anthony Cooper’s life affected both Locke and Sawyer’s lives and changed their paths so they ended up on the island. Of course Jacob was also there to provide some more little pushes along the way to keep them on track.

Is it Jack’s turn next to turn the frozen donkey wheel, be exposed to exotic matter and get a do-over (just like Desmond would have, if Hawking did not stop him). Is Jack’s “turn” the SIDEWAYS timeline we are seeing. Could Jack's different choices change his destiny or is it his lot to get an appendicitis no matter what happens and we cannot change our fate? If Jack can change his fate does that change the Valenzetti Equation? I’m not a huge fan of the theory that the SIDEWAYS timeline is an epilogue but if it is a timeline after the PRIME timeline then this could be why. My other theories have always been that the SIDEWAYS came before the PRIME.

Some say that our whole existence is a paradox. Life as we know it and history of our civilisations are all in existence because of future events which caused the past. Future people who, having been thrown back in time actually created all we know from Greek mythology, Egyptian art and Bible stories. Could events on the island have spawned the start of time.

And so this brings me to this idea of UNITED NATURE THEORY which looks very similar to many of the theories kicking around about Lost. I think I remember many theories comparing Lost to this theory of everything. In case you’ve not seen it yet:

It involves many of the familiar names and themes from Lost. Faraday, electromagnetism, Casimir “force from nothing,”

"this means that closed universe formation is endless by evolution rolling between her two semi loops and is born again, and again …and again endlessly"

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