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Let me preface this by saying that this is not a theory of everything. I have some possible thoughts on what everything could mean, but their place is not here. This theory is specifically in relation to John Locke and Fake John Locke.

In LA X, the smoke monster gave a brief speech to Ben about the nature of John Locke. Among other things, Unlocke (as I'll call him from here on out) mentioned John Locke's last thoughts—confusion. The fact that Unlocke was able to tell what Locke's last thoughts were shows that there was some sort of residue of Locke's consciousness left in his body at the point that it was assumed by Unlocke. This is crucial. Obviously there's no scientific process for understanding what happens to a person's consciousness when their body is assumed by a foreign entity after their death, but this moment offers us some insight into the process within the LOST universe. If the thought exists beyond the life of John Locke, then it can be assumed that within LOST there is a conscious force beyond the body. Its form is of course, debatable and ultimately inscrutable, but I'm sure such a transcendental sense of human awareness could be construed as a "soul," or any other term which refers to a! n essence of someone's being.

Moreover, this thought was not merely a transient spillover from an incomplete death. That is, it was not just the final workings of John Locke's brain before his body completely stopped functioning. No, rather John Locke had been dead for days before Unlocke assumed his body, as he was killed off the island and his form was not revitalized until the crashing of Ajira 316.

Thus it is shown that there is an essence, a "soul" if you prefer, of John Locke residing within the body of Unlocke. The most obvious example of this is when Unlocke stumbled in front of the little blonde boy in the jungle. "Don't tell me what I can't do!" This quote, John Locke's old mantra, as well as the look of exasperation on Unlocke seemed to be this consciousness of Locke seeping through, like there is still something left of John, trying to get out.

My theory, as well as my hope, as I dearly miss John Locke, is that throughout the remainer of the season it will become increasingly clear that John Locke's consciousness is inside of Unlocke, and it is powerful. I foresee a powerful sequence near the end of the show when, after a lasting internal struggle, John Locke breaks forth from inside the body of Unlocke, casting out the smoke monster and embracing his destiny.

As to what his duty could be, I'm less concerned. I leave others to surmise: perhaps it is to protect the island, perhaps to unite the two timelines in some way; I think we haven't seen enough of the season to know what such an important action would be.

I just think it would be such a beautiful moment to see John Locke rise once again, after all the terrible things he endured during his life, after so many years of being used, to see the will of John Locke outmatch the smoke monster who has taken control of his body. I picture a reaction shot of someone like Sun, going "John?" and he gives that knowing smile as we hear the music from the end of Walkabout: "Hello, Sun."

It has been shown that John Locke's consciousness does live, somewhere deep inside his claimed body. I would love to see my theory come to fruition.

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