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The Island - What it is by Vick

This my view/opinion of what i think the "island" is. I apologize if anyone has mentioned this point of view before.

The island i believe is something similar to purgatory, perhaps a physical manifestation of the purgatory. A dynamic address
if you will that keeps changing its dimension in space-time continuum i.e moving throught space and time (perhaps to protect it from evil spirits). From what i understand, Purgatory is the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment in which the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for Heaven.

The island itself could be a "DOOR" or "LINK" to the afterlife where your wishes could possibly come true if your soul is "purified" i.e if you wish to have a better relationship with your son than you did with your father then it may come true once you have a little "faith", if you wish that you could win a lottery but hope that it doesn't come at a greater price then that also may come true, if you wish that you could get out of the wheelchair and "walkabout", that also may come true by seeing a spinal surgeon in afterlife. if you wish to keep your newborn baby and wish that you didn't have to give it away then that wish may also come to fruition! . And last but not least, If you wish you could be with the love of your life for the rest of your life (or eternity)(lets say her name was Nadia :)) then you can if you accept your punishment for evil deeds you have done in your lifetime and purify your soul in the process. I believe you need to do both in order to move on to the next "level". I believe to move on to great afterlife, you have to spend time in the purgatory (or on the "island") purifying your soul (done by Jacob) and/or accepting your temporary punishment (handed out by MIB/smokey). At this moment, i believe they're neither here (in our world) nor there (afterlife) and thus their souls are "LOST". This physical entity (the Island) is the "LINK" or a revolving "DOOR" between the two worlds. Two flights, one connection (through the "island"). One going to purgatory (316), the other to the afterlife (815). i am not able to go in much detail since i am not an expert in theology and don't fully understand the co! ncept of "purgatory". so this is my best guess as to what the ! "island" may be. Feel free to throw out more details if this theory makes sense to you. I'm sure there are holes in this theory but this is it for now from me. Thanks for reading.

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