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I always hated the idea that the cloud of smoke was a group of nanobots or some kind of 4th dimensional creature that has been let off its leash. I've always considered the Smoke Monster an entity with a consciousness, just like all of our Losties, The Others, or The Dharma Initiative. What I'm waiting for, and would like to remind everyone of, since it seems to have disappeared COMPLETELY from every theory involving Smokey and Locke and the history we will soon learn...

...in Season 2, Locke sees the Blast Door Map in The Swan hatch. Hi Res photos of this map were immediately posted on every LOST site on the net...NOW...let's look at an interesting mention on this map...a little note that says "1985 Cerberus Malfunction". At San Diego Comic Con that year, Damon confirmed that the Smoke Monster could be referred to as "Cerberus". We've all learned by now that the mythological origin of "Cerberus" is that this was the three-headed dog (or beast) that guards the gateway to the underworld (which is what the symbols that come up when the hatch counter goes beyond 108 translate to: "Underworld".)

SO...my query begins...if The Smoke Monster (a.k.a Cerberus) is not a "what" but a "who"...is this the same "Cerberus" that "malfunctioned" in 1985? If so, how did a "who" malfunction? Why does Radzinsky know about it, and what was the significance of noting it on the blast door map in The Swan? If this malfunction took place in 1985, what form was the "who" in before it became a cloud of black smoke?

The reaction of the folks at the Temple...

The immediate calling to attention of the Temple Guards, immediate placement of Ash along ALL the Temple walls, and of course Lenon's confirmation, "This isn't to keep you in, it's to keep HIM out!"

Anyone else remember the explanation of the Smoke Monster we get from way back in Season 1 (before we even knew it was a cloud of black smoke), that is then echoed in later seasons? We first hear this from Rousseau, who says, "There's no such thing as monsters. It's a security system." Later, in Season 5 a possessed Robert says to Rousseau, "It's not a monster. It's a security system for the Temple." Let's also take note of the fact that Smokie dragged Montand under the Temple wall through the very hole that Hurley leads our heroes through in the Season 6 premiere. When Ben goes to be judged by Smokie, he enters through this same hole, and Smokie enters a chamber beneath the tunnels through a vent in the floor. (Above the vent we see the heiroglyph of Anubis communicating with Smokie - "Cerberus".) There are "Cerberus Vents" all over the island (according to the blast door map), leading to an intricate network of tunnels that allow it to traverse the island quickly a! nd appear where needed. The hole in the Temple wall leads to this network of tunnels.

When we look at all of these details, it would seem pretty clear that The Smoke Monster (a.k.a. Cerberus) was aligned with the folks at the temple at one point. It would seem that it was truly a sentry, much like its mythological namesake, defending the Temple. It's only when they learn of Jacob's death that the folks in the Temple suddenly spring into action, taking security measures that have obviously been practiced and drilled in anticipation of just such an occurrence. Could or should we then infer that "Cerberus" is only aligned with the Temple, and defending it BECAUSE of Jacob? Why would these people in the Temple, who obviously know A LOT more about the island than even someone like Ben I would guess, have prepared tactics (including a warning rocket/flare) to deal with an imminent attack from Smokie?

Jacob lives in the foot of a statue of Tawaret, the Egyptian Goddess of fertility (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tawaret). Tawaret is a character of great depth. One of the aspects of Tawaret's story is that she is also the guardian who keeps Apep at bay. Apep has many of the characteristics of the Smoke Monster (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apep). Does this make Jacob, symbolically, The Smoke Monster's master? Could this be why MIB couldn't outright kill Jacob himself?

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