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Pool = Gate to other dimensions? by Terry O'Locke

Apologies in advance if this had been mentioned; I am a new theory-poster here.

The following theory just popped in my head when reading one of a member's idea in another site. We all believe that the Pool may have properties to heal the wounded. What if the Pool is not only just special, sacred water?

What if the Pool is the key to "other dimensions" or timelines? What I think the Japanese Other was trying to do is to take or borrow life from an alternate universe - physically and mentally - and use it to "heal" Sayid. I only have a few evidences to back up my theory.

When Saywer and Kate brought Ben to Richard for him to bring to the Temple. Richard said that Ben "will not be the same" and "he will forget everything" or something like that. What he did was getting another Ben or using the Pool's power to borrow another Ben's life.This is why Sayid doesn't remember anything (or that's what I think so far... "What happened" is not a strong evidence to back up my theory haha)

Another clue is Jack's neck. Some time down the season Jack may be severely injured on the neck. He goes to the temple and gets healed, thanks to himself in another timeline.

This MIGHT also solve why Richard never ages. However, I am not sure how he can keep his memories. Maybe the same goes for the Temple Others; they probably continuously used the pool to stay the same. Also, I wish I can link this to Rose's cancer-free body, Locke's ability to move, MIB, Jacob and the smoke monster but so far I have no clue. There might be other hints throughout the seasons but as of now I can't pinpoint them.

Any thoughts? Counter-theories?

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