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LA 2010 (X) by kether

I've been lurking for years on this forum and this is my first post. I think that the "reset" on the plane is actually 3 years ahead of the action on the island, hence the use of the letter X as refering to 10 (2010) in Roman Numerals. It would be unsatisfying for the fans to experience the resolution of the drama on the island without knowing the outcome in "real" life for our characters.

I believe that Darlton is giving us the off island resolution to our characters lives as they reveal to us how we got there via the action on the island. As others have stated in a variety of theroies, I don't believe that the bomb sunk the island, I believe that our characters were part of that culmination of the islands fate to rest at the bottom of the ocean. Jack's wound on his neck will be shown to be part of that process. Our characters will take the initiative to support each other in bringing the benifit of their island! experience into their lives in the real world - i.e. Jack operates on Locke and fixes his spine, Kate helps Claire to raise her own baby, Sawyer gets to be with Juliet etc.

This is not to say that everything will end happily, just that everyone's lives will come to some sort of resolution.
Please let me know your thoughts!

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